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Cauli Le Chat
Cauli Le Chat, MPL Roving Reporter

Monday, January 9, 2012

Who Is This Mysterious Stranger?

INTRUDER ALERT!  Call Gracie (Baby) of feline homeland security!

Who is this mysterious stranger sniffing around my turf?

Buffalo Gal, who snapped this phone photo, says that his name is Oliver, but she calls him Baxter.  I call him Trouble, with a capital T, right here in River City.  (Stop moi before I begin making Marian the Librarian references.)  Not familiar with the musical, The Music Man?  Say it isn't so!

(BTW, we have a river running just west of Mooresville, Indiana.  We call it a creek.  You've seen it before.)

I recognize the partial "Groucho 'stache" on this kitten as being much like Gracie/Baby's, who occasionally is featured in, and posts to, this blog.

Let's just be completely clear on this point, shall we?  Boxcar, or Olive Oil, or whatever his name is, will NOT--repeat--NOT be a replacement for moi at my Library.  There is only room for one roving reporter, and I am she.  Better pack your bags, short stuff.  Find your own library.  Maybe Tober or Morgan would like a buddy.  I hear the library at Plainfield Correctional Facility needs a cat.  Just saying.

Nice White Gloves on Those Little Paws, I'll Admit,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Intruder Feline News Beat

P.S.  "Good Morning, Starshine" (1969), a cover version of a tune from the musical Hair, was a top five hit single on Billboard's pop charts (reaching #3) for William Oliver Swofford, who wisely used his middle name as his performance moniker.  This version differs from the original single; it seems to have more of a demo feel to it.  Perhaps it was an alternate take. Oliver had several pop hits ("Jean" [1969], for instance, which reached #2 on Billboard's pop charts), but "Good Morning, Starshine" seems to receive more play on oldies stations.  It sold over a million copies.  That's impressive by any standard.


  1. This is a one animal library, thank you very much! However, I do hope the little one finds a good home soon.

  2. You're getting a tad bit territorial, Cauli. No one's going to replace you because you're irreplacable!

  3. Maybe he is meant to be an intern? Obviously he is too young to take over library duties ANYWHERE. It takes training to do that! Although fortunately, library cats don't need a college degree, since so many kitties are adverse to attending school for extended periods... or any periods at all.


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