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Cauli Le Chat
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Friday, May 27, 2011

Scooterbandit Raids Supper Dish

By Gracie ("Baby")
MPL Special Correspondent
Homeland Security News Beat

 Once again, supper dish endangerment has resurfaced.  This time the interloper was a scooterbandit.

Brazen Scooterbandit Heist of Supper Dish Stash

Surveillance Camera Captures Four-Pawed Criminal in the Actus Reus

Nowhere to Run to, Nowhere to Hide, Scooterbandit

Surrender to the law, scooterbandit.  We've got you surrounded.  By "we," of course, I refer to Feline Enforcers XIV.  It would behoove you to come quietly, scooterbandit.  We invented tough.

When will this supper dish endangerment end?  We definitely need better security around here, Lady With the Red Hair.  Two aging slobberdogs simply cannot secure the perimeters and patrol all vulnerable zones of incursion.  We need high-tech, electronic security devices.  Understand?

Not What I Had in Mind

This may take some tweaking.  Stay tuned.

Securing Suppers for Slobberdogs & Felines Alike,

Gracie ("Baby")
MPL Special Correspondent
Homeland Security News Beat

P.S.  Scooterbandits reminded me of "I Fought the Law," by the Bobby Fuller Four (1966), which has been included on a variety of subsequent compilation albums.

P.P.S.  For my photo caption above, I was thinking of the refrain to "Nowhere to Run," by Martha and the Vandellas , shown here performing live on the television program Shindig! (1965).  Not great video quality, but, hey, it was probably kinescope (i.e., filmed directly from a TV monitor using, e.g., RCA Kinephoto equipment).  Commercial videotape existed in the mid-1960s, but some TV studios still used the older kinescope method, because, in some instances, it was cheaper than purchasing videotape machines from the Ampex Corporation.

P.P.P.S.  No, the Shindig! recording is almost certainly videotape.  It was just poorly recorded or maintained.

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