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Cauli Le Chat
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Friday, October 19, 2018

Oliver Gives Paws Up to "Mouse's First Halloween"

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Oliver, Boss Cat at the Clinton (Indiana) Public Library (CPL), recommended a wonderful children's board book called Mouse's First Halloween, by Lauren Thompson (illustrated by Buket Erdogan).  Ashley Wolfe read the book aloud in an episode of CPL's award-winning Story Time Anytime! video series, available to watch below (and on CPL's YouTube channel).

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This video was awarded (just now, as you're reading this) the coveted Cauli Le Chat statuette of feline excellence given in the category of best library educational video production.  There's a cute trophy and everything.  Well, there's a picture of a trophy.  Close enough for moi.

My minions and I are definitely looking forward to watching more installments of Story Time Anytime!  We enjoy readalouds, as you can see from our YouTube channel (click here and here).

Great job, Oliver and company!  Say, if you need any free music for your video soundtracks, we have our own composer who's willing to share.  Just saying.

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Cauli Le Chat