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Cauli Le Chat
Cauli Le Chat, MPL Roving Reporter

Friday, December 29, 2017

The World's First Notary PAWblic

Folks visit my Library for the wonderful services we provide, such as our notary public service.  Our notaries public are available (assuming they're scheduled to work) to notarize your signature(s) FREE of charge!  Just ask for Scowl-Face or BizMeister.  Well, you'd better not call them by my nicknames--just ask for Bill or Sharon, and our circulation staff will find them, no matter how carefully they've hidden in the stacks.

Whoops!  Wrong Seal

That's It, Pretty Much

Now, it occurs to moi that this is such a terrific service that I should be involved.  What'd be better than having free notarizations from a celebrity feline roving reporter?  Certainly, it would be a conversation-starter at parties.

Obviously, I wouldn't be eligible to be a notary public, as such, since Indiana law implies that such public officials must be human.  To us non-humans, that seems like a silly requirement, but people make laws, not felines, so I guess we know where we stand (or curl up).  But there's no law against my being a Notary PAWblic.  In fact, I can become one simply by way of my own executive declaration:

WHEREAS, I am a world-famous feline adored by humans far and wide; and
WHEREAS, I have four paws; and
WHEREAS, I can ink one of those paws and place it upon human's written documents to validate their signatures, provided I'm in the mood, and I get proper treats afterwards; and
WHEREAS, everyone who knows moi will tell you how honest I am; and
WHEREAS, this service is PAWSitively adorable.


1.  Cauli Le Chat is hereby empowered to serve as a Notary PAWblic for library patrons; and
2.  A notarization by Cauli Le Chat has no legal effect whatsoever.

Ordered this 29th day of December, 2017, by

Cauli Le Chat
Official MPL Feline Roving Reporter (Retired)

That certainly sounds legal enough.  (Scowl-Face insists that I emphasize that it's not.)  Now for my official Notary PAWblic seal.  Minions, make with the fancy:

Mighty official-looking, I'll venture
(click to bigify)

Ol' Scowlly also said I had to type void on my seal so it couldn't be used by unauthorized kitties (or other critters).

So, all you peeps out there--if you need something notarized, you've now got a feline option.  Of course, if you want that notarization to actually mean something, then you'd better ask for our human notaries instead.

Your (Retired) Roving Reporter On The Go,

Cauli Le Chat

P.S.  Here's a funny video called Noter Republic (2010) from Justin Neal on Vimeo.