Cauli Le Chat

Cauli Le Chat
Cauli Le Chat, MPL Roving Reporter

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Brazen Scurrydog Encroachment Returns!

By Gracie ("Baby")
MPL Extra Special Correspondent
Homeland Security News Beat

JUNIOR'S FARM, MOORESVILLE, IND.--Scurrydog encroachment has returned to the family supper dish!  My alert photographer, Harley, who is also MPL "cub" reporter, captured these photos confirming the recurrent scurrydog incursion.

  Positive proof scurrydogs are intercepting precious,
life-sustaining slobberdog chow

Sadly, Feline Enforcers XIV were unavailable to ward off this latest scurrydog intrusion, since they were combing the nearby woods in search of those tasty sweet grasses that we felines love to chew.  Cauli Le Chat, MPL Roving Reporter, was busy practicing her Indy 500 pace car driving, and our slobberdog "protectors" were sawing the proverbial logs in their dogloos, less than ten feet from the scurrydog in question.


The Lady With the Red Hair was at her Library conducting a basket-weaving class, which, presumably, Junior (of Junior's Farm) was busy covering for a similar blog feature over yonder.  Scowl-Face was nowhere to be found, of course.

Since Harley was operating the digital camera, which fully occupied all six of her brain cells, I was compelled to face the scurrydog menace single-pawedly. Thanks to my undaunted courage, steely nerves, and strategic quick-mindedness, I was able to stare down the scurrydog and rescue the endangered supper dish.  It took some time, though.

 Scurrydog Backwash!  Ugh!

Ever Watchful and Vigilant

Better scurry on down those stairs

Giving the scurrydog what Tober, the Thorntown (Ind.) Library Cat,
calls the "Stink-eye"

Quivering with fear from the "Stink-eye," the scurrydog
prepares to beat a hasty retreat

Good Riddance, Scurrydog!

Those slobberdogs had better appreciate the heroic sacrifice I've made saving their supper dish.  I expect a medal or two, at least.  Make it so, Scowl-Face.

Ready to Meet the Challenges to Home and Hearth,

Gracie ("Baby")
MPL Extra Special Correspondent
Homeland Security News Beat

P.S.  Since this story developed at Junior's Farm, we appropriately feature as our musical closer the song "Junior's Farm," by Paul McCartney and Wings, as seen in this amazing, if low-res, live studio recording (1974).  Hey, cameras used 8 mm and 16 mm motion picture film in those days, not to mention 3/4-inch videotape, so cut some slack, will ya?

P.P.S.  Wings recorded this tune in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1974 while staying at Claude "Curly" Putman, Jr.'s farm, which accounts for the song title.  It was released as a single but was later included on the LP Wings Greatest (1978).

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