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Cauli Le Chat
Cauli Le Chat, MPL Roving Reporter

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Life in the Fast Lane

Some Donald dude has been yanked as the official pace car driver in the 2011 Indianapolis 500 Mile Race.  I suppose the raceway folks are looking for a replacement.  They need a skilled driver--fearless and sure-pawed at high speeds--with the looks to make the digital cameras flash like a thunderstorm.

Move Over, Dario Franchitti:  Cauli Will Show You How It's Done

The choice is obvious, don't you think?

Even though I would only be driving the pace lap at the beginning of the race, my deft handling of the powerful racing machine would undoubtedly dispirit the other drivers, who would then concede to moi, making me the winner of the event.  So wave the checkered flag and drop the balloons, already!  This race is already in my pocket, if I had any, of course.

Do they drop balloons in the winner's circle?  They must drop something.  Hey, I'm positive they have a HUGE container of MILK--maybe the winner's trophy filled to the brim?

Hey, You Big Dope!  That's for DRINKING, Not Hair-Washing

Better, But Don't Dribble It Down Your Chin

I think I'm going to like this winner's circle stuff.

Ready to be a Pole-Sitter,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Indy Car Racing News Beat

P.S.  Thinking of big engines and fast cars brought to mind the song Born to be Wild, by Steppenwolf (1968), released on the group's debut, self-titled album, and performed live (sort of) on the German television program Beat-Club (1968), which ran from September 1965 through December 1972.


  1. Do you think I could come along as a passenger? I do love to feel the wind in my ears.

  2. Come be my co-pilot, Morgan! We'll dazzle them with our beauty and charm.

  3. Hi Cauli! Firstly, I heard that they didn't want that Donald-man's headfurs to blow off while he was driving; it would hold up the race!

    Secondly, my AB watched one of your people (Scowl-Face?) give a presentation (i.e. ramble on forever) at the Big Meeting. The good news is, I hear you were mentioned! Sadly, my AAB Blog Helper was next door rambling on about Inventory. (Don't ever let them do that at MPL; it's an awful, attention-hogging, neverending monotony of beeping scanners and squeaking bookcarts.

    I'm glad you mentioned the meeting; I was sure it was just a cover for a Day Off.

    We should team up and present "The Benefits of Staff Felines in Indiana Public Libraries" at ILF. . . we can mention bloggery and offer a few TLEUs!

  4. PS - AB enjoyed the presentation very much!


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