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Cauli Le Chat
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Where's MY Town Landmark? Just Asking

If you follow my Library's Indiana Room blog, you may recall a posting about Samuel Moore Parkway, which is Old State Road 67 as it enters Mooresville, Indiana.  This is a perfectly deserved and rightful honor for the founder of our little town.  I'm totally down with that.  But it does raise a perfectly obvious question:  namely, where's MY town landmark?  Mooresville is, as the whole world must know, the birthplace and residence of moi.  Since it is protocol to name public structures or places after famous residents, shouldn't there be something named after moi?

I've got some suggestions, Mooresville Town Council.  Just saying.

Obviously, renaming the town "Cauliville" would be just plain silly.  Samuel Moore was here 182 years before moi (my current of nine lives being my first in Mooresville), and so he had clear priority in naming rights.  I was thinking that something more suited to my roving reporterness would be appropriate.

Perhaps naming one of the town's many alleys "Cauli Le Chat Lane" would be nice.  But which alley?  How about the one directly across from the Library (to the east), between West Harrison and West Main Streets?  The alley connects South Jefferson and South Monroe Streets.  I have done some dumpster-diving along that alley, and it's close to my Library and home neighborhood, so that would be a logical choice.

Aerial View of Alley That Could Be Called
"Cauli Le Chat Lane"

(Thanks, Google Maps, for these aerial photos.  Click to bigify any of the photos.)

In fact, perhaps the entire neighborhood within, say, a couple of blocks east and west of the Library could be called something clever.  How does Caulibrook suit you?  White Lick Creek is just a few hundred feet to the west of the Library, so the brook part would be apropos.

(a Roving Feline Community)

If a neighborhood is too ambitious, then perhaps something distinctive, like a bridge.  Say, there's a new bridge across White Lick Creek where West Main Street becomes East Greencastle Road.  That would be ideal!

Cauli Le Chat Bridge?  Why Not?

Of course, if we really want to do some good in our community, we could convert the old Carnegie Library on West Main Street into a feline and canine rescue shelter, where homeless cats and dogs could live happily and be safe and well-fed.  This would, of course, require a generous donation from some rich humans (or corporations), but that shouldn't be insurmountable.  Think of the tax breaks for a charitable contribution!  Think of the tourist trade that such a facility would draw.  (Well, it would if I made routine appearances there.)  Well, it's something to think about.  Rich people, take note.

Old MPL Carnegie Library
(Oct. 2007 Photo)
Could Become the Cauli Le Chat
Feline & Canine Rescue Shelter
(Again, Why Not?)

There are other landmarks that could proudly bear my name, but this is sufficient to get the ball rolling.  Make it so, Town Council!  That's what elected minions are for, isn't it?

Okay, one last possibility.

It was suggested (I won't say by whom) that my Library be renamed after moi.  I think not.  I'd like to keep my job there, thank you very much.

Maybe One of the Study Rooms, Boss Lady--Just Saying,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Naming Rights News Beat

P.S.  Speaking of naming things, here's Jim Croce singing "I Got a Name" (1973) on a television program.  The song, which was a hit single for Croce, was the theme to the movie The Last American Hero (1973), starring Jeff Bridges.

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  1. I LOVE the idea of the Carnegie Library becoming a pet shelter!

    I'm still waiting for my star on Hollywood Blvd.'s Walk of Fame. Nevermind the fact that they don't consider YouTube "real" movies....


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