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Cauli Le Chat
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another Local Landmark Has Flown the Coop

These are sad days in my hometown.  Another historic landmark business has said goodbye.  Well, Scowl-Face tells me that it wasn't officially a historic site, but there's plenty of history there, make no mistake.

KFC Restaurant Closed Recently
(After Over 40 Years at This Location)
(View Looking South)

The photo caption above says it all.  Kentucky Fried Chicken had been a landmark on South Indiana Street in Mooresville, Indiana, since time immemorial.  This was where The Lady With the Red Hair secured her first gainful employment, if you don't count babysitting.  It was upon this establishment's floor in the mid-1970s that fruit drink was spilled, removing the tile's finish.  Cherished coming-of-age stories have been exchanged over the decades about working in this hallowed edifice, when we lived in more carefree, prosperous times.  In those days, long ago, you could get fried chicken AND beef & ham sandwiches here.  Take a look at this vintage photo below, which Scowl-Face, who is, after all, town historian and good for a few laughs, and The Lady With the Red Hair, who, let us not forget, was born and bred here (or, maybe, "breaded" is a better word, since she worked with the chicken batter), have identified as circa 1973 or 1974 (circa means they don't really know precisely when, but T.L.W.T.R.H. was working there at the time, so she probably remembers; Scowlly is basing his opinion upon second-hand sources and an alleged knowledge of C-41 print photography color processing):

KFC Restaurant on South Indiana Street (circa 1973-1974)
(View Looking North)

I personally know several kitties who will miss dumpster diving for fried chicken wings.  Where will we find a skilled entrepreneur to fill this culinary void?  Who has the talent, the drive, and the popularity to appeal to the local dining feline and slobberdog public?  Well, now, that much should be plain as the nose on Scowl-Face's, well, face.

Hey, Fellow Felines & Slobberdogs!
 Cauli's is THE Place to Be
(Where Kittens & Slobberpups Eat For Free)

A Definite Market Need to be Filled by Moi

How can this business venture fail, I ask you?  If ever there were an unmet market demand in this town, this is clearly it.  But no longer unmet!  At long last, kitties and slobberdogs have a dining option especially catering to their palates.  It's about time, frankly.

Drop by sometime.  Use the drive-through.  You will get the same friendly service you would have received if you had visited a third of a century ago, when The Lady With the Red Hair dressed in something like this, and looked pretty darn fetching, I'll have you know.

Vintage KFC Uniform (circa late 1960s)

The Lady With the Red Hair Wore a MUCH Smaller Size (Still Does)

If you're looking for Scowl-Face, he's taking the trash to the dumpster.  Good help is SO hard to find.

Open For Business and Raking in the Dough,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Commercial News Beat

P.S.  Who better to be "Taking Care of Business" than Bachman-Turner Overdrive, from the band's album, Bachman-Turner Overdrive II (1973).  Hey, that's right about the same time as that old KFC photo above.  BTO was mentioned in one of my Library's videos.  You'll want to watch, naturally.

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  1. Hey Cauli, Think your new business idea will definitely catch on! Has panache and imagination!


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