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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hungrytown Makes Music Videos Like We Do

You may recall having seen Rebecca Hall and Ken Anderson (Hungrytown), about whom I've previously blogged, perform at my Library in November, 2007.  If not, you missed a superb show.  But now this talented pair of songwriters, musicians, and producers (they wear many hats) has hit the really big time--posting some music videos on YouTube.

According to the group's latest email newsletter, the Newsdumpster (Jan. 2012), this music video (above) presents "a slideshow of antique winter imagery, set to" Hungrytown's "Year Without a Summer," from the CD Any Forgotten Thing (2011).

Last month, Hungrytown posted a music video for "Calliope," also from the Any Forgotten Thing album.  As noted in the description, the video used "haunting, dreamlike, antique [movie] footage of Coney Island" set to the song.

These are wonderful visual renderings of the underlying musical and lyrical beauty, for which Hungrytown's original compositions and recordings are rightly famed.  Any Forgotten Thing has received critical praise from musically knowledgeable people, but I'll add my feline seal of approval.  I highly recommend this, or any of the duo's previous, albums.  Visit Hungrytown's website for purchasing information, as well as the inside scoop and latest news about the band.  Drop by Hungrytown's YouTube Channel to see more great music videos.

Do you see anything stylistically familiar in Hungrytown's music videos?  They have incorporated some of the same video-crafting techniques that my Library uses to make its videos, which are uploaded to the MPL YouTube Channel.  Ours are not as good as Hungrytown's, but, for a small public library, we do our best.  I wonder if they use Mac iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, like we do?  We'd like to learn Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5, but time is a dear commodity, and none of my minions has had a chance to delve deeply into its mysteries.

We're glad to share Hungrytown's music and hope you enjoy it.

Maybe They'll Record a Cover of My Theme Song--Just Saying,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Music News Beat

P.S.  As our musical closer today, here is a video of Hungrytown performing live with the Virginia Ramblers at the Gravity Lounge, in Charlottesville, Virginia (2008).

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