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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Friends, Roamers, Country-Cats, Lend Me Your Ears!

By Junior, of Junior's Farm
MPL Special Feline Correspondent
Arts & Crafts News Beat

We listen to all kinds of cool music at my Library, which helps us concentrate on our many demanding tasks like basking in the sun, rolling around in the dirt, snarfing down snacks, and hacking up the occasional hairball.  Oh, well, that's what we special feline correspondents and our Library Roving Reporter do.  Our people colleagues actually work.

Cauli often ends her blogs with a postscript featuring various types of great music.  Since my news beat is arts and crafts, today we're concentrating on the musical arts.  Lend your ears, if you please, to the wonderful "retro-folk" sounds of Rebecca Hall and Ken Anderson, who together comprise Hungrytown.

Rebecca and Ken performed in concert at my Library in November, 2007, but that was frankly before my time.  I am told that Cauli hung around their trailer to get warm milk and autographs, but she didn't show them to me (the autographs, not the warm milk, which, in all probability, would be a tad bit spoiled by now).  I bet she has them (again, the autographs, not the milk) stored in a safe place for posterity.  Collectors' items, you know.

Rather than blather away endlessly (I'm not Scowl-Face, after all) with a whole lot of words, my approach to music appreciation is to listen and decide what I like.  I have, and I do.  Now it's your turn.  There are several videos and listening samples from Hungrytown's website, and if you click on the group's albums for sale, you are whisked away to the CDBaby website, through which you may listen to excerpts of album recordings.  That's what we're going to do in a minute.  You may want to read some reviews about the band, so here you go.  For those who like press kits, go for it.

Hungrytown has a new CD available, and there are many others you can buy.  Since I was listening this afternoon to Rebecca Hall's second album, I'd like to focus upon it for this posting.

Released in 2002

Rebecca, with Ken producing and lending instrumental and vocal support, presented primarily her own original compositions on this CD.  Let's listen to excerpts, shall we?
  • Click here to go to the CDBaby web page and click the preview buttons in front of the track selections to listen to brief snippets.

  • To hear Hungrytown's live rendition of "Going North" (track 6), watch this video (above).
I don't mind telling you that I truly enjoyed all of this album's selections, but my favorites are tracks 6 and 7 ("Going North" and "Thanks Just the Same").  I'll leave you to pick your own favorites.  I'm confident you will find several.

Lend your ears (and eyes) to Hungrytown's other CD song samples (and videos).  It is fabulous music, however you wish to categorize it.  You can tell how much we enjoy Hungrytown (and Rebecca & Ken's earlier works).

My Special Happy Place When I'm Listening to Great Music

Harley Enjoys Listening While Sunbathing

Trust me, Hungrytown delivers terrific songs, both lyrically and instrumentally, and you can't go wrong kicking back and relaxing to any of their tunes.  As Cauli would say, you can take that to the bank.

Glad to Share Great Music With My Readership Legions,

Junior, of Junior's Farm
MPL Special Correspondent
Arts & Crafts News Beat

P.S.  Watch Hungrytown perform the title song from the group's new album, Any Forgotten Thing (2011).

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