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Friday, February 3, 2012

Wait! There's More (Rwandan Adventures)

by "Flat" Cauli II
MPL Flat Feline Foreign Correspondent

When last we visited, I was completing my Rwandan travel log.  I forgot that we were waiting for photos of our huge wildlife safari encounter in Akagera National Park.  Thanks to CircMaster's friend, Carol, we now have those pictures.  Hold onto your hats!  This is more excitement than you're accustomed to, I'll wager.

Click Images to Bigify Photos

These fleet-of-hoof dudes are a kind of antelope called oribi.  They have longer faces and torsos (torsi is apparently also an acceptable plural) than their cousins, the bushbucks, which also live in the park.  I am certain that they are not impalas.  Compare photos.

1963 Chevrolet Impala Two-Door "Low-Rider"

(Not THAT Impala!)


That's better.

Real African Elephants!  In Africa!

Seeing elephants in their native habitats is so much cooler (or is it more cool?  Grammarians weigh-in, if you please) than looking at them in a zoo, although that, too, is pretty neat.

Zebra Herd (Love Those Racing Stripes!)

Some Sort of Winged Dinner (and Brood)

That winged dinner looks like an Intermediate Egret.  Hey, that's what they're called!  You can look it up.

Giraffe, For Sure

Mama (or Papa) & Youngster Giraffes

These giraffes remind moi of the ones Cauli Le Chat saw when she visited the Indianapolis Zoo last summer.  Only these are truly wild, living in their homeland.  That makes them even more exciting for us spectators to enjoy.

African Buffalo

Those horns are simply spectacular!  Great for steering, I'll venture. Actually, I don't think I would want to ride one of these fellows.  I bet they can run mighty fast and are strong to boot.  I would go flying right off in a matter of seconds!  Of course, being made of cardboard, we "flat" Caulis are prone to becoming airborne.

This was definitely one of the highlights of my Rwandan travels.  Akagera National Park is a wildlife treasury.  If you ever visit Rwanda, as I think you should, you must take time for an excursion to the park.  I was so fortunate to see so many wondrous animals in their natural environments.

Be sure to read my other Rwandan travel logs posted on this blog.  You know where to click.  And click.  And click.  And click.

Your "Flat" Feline Foreign Correspondent on the Go,

"Flat" Cauli II
Reporting for Cauli Le Chat

P.S.  Enjoy this clip (1:52) from a day trip through Akagera National Park by Lauren Vogel for the Rwanda Initiative.

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  1. Fantastic wildlife shots! What an amazing wildlife adventure you had Cauli. Hope the potential winged dinners weren't too tempting! :)


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