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Cauli Le Chat
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Zoologically Speaking (Part One)

Yesterday (Friday, 8/12/11) I was on assignment at the Indianapolis Zoo.  It promised to be an exciting day of reporting, since temperatures were in the mid-80s (Fahrenheit degrees) and humidity levels were considerably more comfortable than at Old Settlers.

Accompanied by my trusty minions, we arrived at the zoo about 45 minutes before baby elephant viewing was slated to begin.  So there was plenty of time to secure suitable transportation for moi.

Make With the Pushing, Minions!

Although my primary news-gathering objective was to interview the new baby elephant, I really wanted to see the big felines.  I was pleased that the zoo had incorporated these majestic kitties in one of its logos.

Feline Friends and Moi

We saw several interesting animals on our way to the elephant romping area, but we'll return to them momentarily.  You all want to see the baby elephant, who was just named Kalina by a plurality of online voters.

"Hi!  I'm Kalina"

N'yum, N'yum, N'yum

Cuter Than Moi, I Must Say

As you might imagine, baby Kalina drew a huge number of camera-wielding people patrons and press corps, so it was only possible to take photos from quite a distance away.  Mama elephant and human caretakers were sitting close by to make sure everybody was having a good time posing for the clicking shutters.  It may shock you to learn that I was not granted a personal interview with Kalina and family--it's an outrage, I know--but I can understand that a newborn elephant needs time to explore and play, not to mention eat and sleep, which, frankly, doesn't leave much time for granting endless interviews with roving reporters such as moi.  Still, I immensely enjoyed seeing Kalina and look forward to watching her grow.  She's already big enough not to need a stool to stand upon so that she may nurse from Kubwa (Mama E.).

We'll take a look at the rest of my zoo trip in upcoming blog postings.  We don't want to overload anybody with too much excitement.

Zoologically Speaking,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Indy Zoo News Beat

P.S.  What more appropriate closer could we present than our book trailer featuring the children's picture book Busy Elephants, by John Schindel and Martin Harvey (photographer).

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