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Cauli Le Chat
Cauli Le Chat, MPL Roving Reporter

Monday, August 8, 2011

Old Settlers Festival is Hot, Hot, Hot!

As air temperatures hit 95-plus degrees (Fahrenheit) (that's 35-plus degrees Celsius) yesterday, and the heat index was about 110 degrees (again, Fahrenheit; 43.33 degrees Celsius), I was ever so grateful to have minions representing moi at the annual Old Settlers Picnic, Fair, Festival, and Overall BigBash at Pioneer Park in Mooresville, Indiana.  In a word, it was just too hot.  (Okay, that's three words.)

But minions are no duty-shirkers, and so they soldiered on, in the best possible fashion.  Well, Truly Nice Gentleman and the Lady With the Red Hair did.  Scowl-Face, not so much.

We have some photos from our (count 'em!) TWO Library booths at this year's BigBash.

Same Stuff We Gave Away at Zydeco's Fundraiser Last Week

My Library's "I Geek" Posters

Actual Prize From Library's Contest
"Win an Authentic Old Settlers Buggy Basket"
(Complete With Automotive Goodies)
(Conservatively a $150 Value)

For the second consecutive year, Baskets From Junior's Farm donated the basket, which was hand-woven by none other than the Lady With the Red Hair herself.  That's quite a prize, I should think.  But Programma Mama sweetened the deal with the cool auto stuff.  It's all free, and all you have to do is visit my Library's booth at this year's Old Settlers BigBash and sign-up.  Easy and fun to do.  Can't beat that combination!

Day one of Old Settlers saw 433 visitors to My Library's booths.  That must be some kind of record turnout!  Considering that today's heat could melt lead, it says a great deal about Old Settler attendees' endurance.

Just two more days to go!  Stop by our booths, get a free bag of Library doodads, and sign-up for a chance to win a free buggy basket.  It's too hot to do anything else.

We Come From Tough Stock,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Old Settlers News Beat

P.S.  Although Old Settlers is not the county fair in Morgan County, Indiana, we thought it appropriate to close with "County Fair," by Bruce Springsteen, from the CD The Essential Bruce Springsteen (2003).

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  1. Boy it's hot at Moorseville! Hope u found some cool places to hang out Cauli! I'm off on holiday for two weeks. Look forward to seeing the happenings at Moorseville when I return :)


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