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Cauli Le Chat
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Zoologically Speaking (Part Deux)

Last Friday's trip to the Indianapolis zoo garnered many nice critter photos.

These two giraffes were particularly photogenic. Perhaps they are mother and child? I can't be sure, but they're obviously relatives.

Posing for the Camera

Zebras are such funny-looking horseys!  Those racing stripes are way-cool.

Who Did Your "Detailing"?

Ostriches Can Run Fast -- 30 Miles Per Hour!

Just for the record, felines like moi are categorically not going to chase, let alone catch, birds such as ostriches.  Not happening.  Some birds are clearly not winged dinners.

Hanging Out With My Pilot Pals

Bats are amazing!  They're mammals, like us, but they fly--how cool is that?  When they snooze, they view the world from an interesting perspective.  Thought I'd join them.

Not a Real Cobra, But Pretty Neat, Anyway

All the slitherdarts were kept in poorly-lit, glass enclosures, so none of my photos came out, except this one.

Looking For a Tenant?

Hey, Lady With the Red Hair!  Looking for someone to rent out a spare room?  Just asking.

Not Ready For Primetime, For Sure

This meerkat apparently felt the need to do the Full Monty for my behalf.  Not necessary, I can assure you!  Thank you, Photoshop, for some much-appreciated editing.  But could we do better?

It's hard to find bermuda shorts in meerkat sizes.

Hey, Tortie, Race Me to the Snack Bar

I'm guessing my friend Morgan the Library Bunny would win that race.

I've got more photos, but let's save them for a future posting.  Next time we'll talk swimming dinners.

Making Lots of New Critter Friends at the Zoo,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Zoological News Beat

P.S.  "At the Zoo," by Simon & Garfunkel, seems an appropriate musical closer.  The song is the last track on the album Bookends (1968).

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