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Cauli Le Chat
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Where's Randolph Mantooth When You Need Him?

What's the deal with this flashing red light at the front of my Library?  Where's the emergency?  Where's Randolph Mantooth when you need him?

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When I see flashing red lights outside the Library, I immediately think of a few emergency vehicles, like those driven by police officers, fire fighters, paramedics or E.M.T.s, state department of transportation workers, and tow truck drivers (although those are often yellow).  But inside the Library, I couldn't see why any of these would have been called in.

  • The faux fireplace used to be sitting where the red flashing light is now situated, but there doesn't appear to be any fire there now.  So it can't be a fire engine or fire rescue unit.

  • The table on which the red light sits was not speeding (or moving at all, actually), so why would a police car have pulled it over to ticket it?

  • I didn't see anybody lying on the floor with an apparent medical crisis, so I doubt that an ambulance has been summoned.

  • The table is not occupying a "no parking zone," since it's not in any parking lots or spaces.  It has no motor to stop functioning, battery to go dead, or tires to go flat.  So I can't think anybody called a tow truck.

  • It can't be the state department of transportation.  Nobody is leaning on a shovel.

(Just kidding about that last one.)  So why would a red light be flashing inside my Library if there is no such emergency?  One word:  taxes.  (You may call them something more colorful.  This is a family-friendly blog, remember.)

MPL Tax Alcove

Sign of the Times

I guess it's not an emergency situation, but, certainly, filing one's taxes is nothing to sneeze at.  (What exactly would one sneeze at?)  It's serious, that's all I'm saying.  So you might need some forms, and you surely need some help.  I would, anyway, if I filed such paperwork.  (My minions take care of such mundane details.)  If you'd like professional tax assistance, we have a program for you.  An AARP Tax Aide is now taking appointments for personal, one-on-one tax help sessions (beginning February 2, 2012) to be held at my Library.  Please call the Library at (317) 831-7323 to schedule your appointment.

Kinda Hypnotic If You Stare At It Too Long

No Sirens, Thankfully,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
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P.S.  Naturally, we can't talk about taxes without reprising George Harrison's "Taxman," by the Beatles, from the Fab Four's LP Revolver (1966).  This is the 2009 remastered version.

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