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Cauli Le Chat
Cauli Le Chat, MPL Roving Reporter

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

MPL Winter Wonderland

The Decorinator has once again spruced-up my Library with some mighty fine winter decorations.  Wonderland is not even sufficiently descriptive.

Hank with fancy scarf and festive hat

Willie looking pretty spiffy, too

Sorry Hank's photo is blurry, but the digital camera flash washed out all his features.  So we had to go with the library's ordinary illumination.  The Library now has a tripod, but Scowl-Face was in too big a hurry to go get it.

Above the Paul Hadley paintings is a row of snow people and miniature fir trees.  I noticed that the cabinet from the Library YAZ (Young Adult Zone) has been moved over there.  Li'l Reader Dude and Frosty the Snowdude are sitting atop it.

Frosty chillin' out with Li'l Reader Dude
(with Paul Hadley paintings behind)

Snow Folks welcoming patrons to Library's adult fiction section

Don't pour water on Mr. T. Bear, Water Girl!

Sleeping Slobberdog with a winter sock-cap

From an adornment perspective, everybody is plenty winterized and all set for cold blasts of air from the Library's main entrance.  (Just saying.)  When you visit our Library, be sure to say hello to any of our stuffed critters (there are loads in Youth Services, too).  If they don't answer, it's just because they're shy.  Or cold.

Plenty Cold Out There For Moi, Let Me Tell You,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Library Decoration News Beat

P.S.  Here's a grainy video of Anne Murray singing one of her hit singles, "Snowbird," on (probably) Canadian television (1970).  Okay, she's just lip-synching to the record, but it's a terrific song, which topped the Canadian charts and was a top 10 hit in America, too.  Thanks to the single's brisk sales, Murray was the first Canadian artist to receive an RIAA-certified Gold record (November 16, 1970) for a U.S. hit, according to Wikipedia.  Hadn't Gordon Lightfoot received one (or more) Gold records in the USA by that time?  What about Neil Young?  Just asking.  But, hey, it's not a contest.  We just enjoy great music, and each of these legendary Canadian musicians has graced audiences with plenty of wonderful songs over the years.

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