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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Going Mobile

by Harley Quinn
MPL Feline
"Cub Reporter"

Hey!  Guess what?!  Scowl-Face just figured out how to activate the mobile interface for the four Library blogs he "edits."  It's only been over a year for this blog (and approaching two years for a couple others), and he finally managed to get the mobile thing working.  Technology and ol' Scowlly are not bosom buddies.

So Cat's Eye View @ MPL should look something like this on a mobile device:

Catch It @ MPL (Cauli 4 Kids) should make mobile like so:

As if anyone cares, I'm obliged to say that Scowl-Face's two blogs should appear as such on a mobile gadget:
I hope you can see these blogs on your mobiles.  If not, please let us know. There's no telling how much Scowl-Face has screwed things up.

You may also access all of the Library's blogs from the Library's home page.  Click on the blog icons in the middle of the page.  Look for Cauli's and other staff picture icons.

Going Mobile is a Feline Thing,

Harley Quinn
MPL Feline "Cub Reporter"

P.S.  "Going Mobile," by the Who, first appeared on the LP Who's Next (1971).


  1. You are doing better than me! I can't do a mobile version of my blog until I change the theme - at least that is what my webmaster (the real one, not my human) says.

  2. Just tried out seeing your blogs on my mobile and they do appear fine but as I have a simple phone the videos won't work as no flash on phone. Sorry for garbled message! Two legs are good at rambling!:)


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