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Cauli Le Chat
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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

It Must Have Been Hysterical

Really careful readers of this blog may remember a digression I made in a posting long ago about Scowl-Face's goose encounter.   It happened ten years ago this month, so it's time for some serious "decade ago" reminiscing.

To reprise my previous posting (2011):

Now let me digress and reveal a really funny story about Scowl-Face and ganders.  Back in April, 2008, Scowl-Face was sneaking off to have lunch by himself at Smokey Bones, without bringing anything back for moi (although, admittedly, I didn't know him then; but Stumpy did).  There was a goose sitting upon eggs in a nest outside the restaurant, and her gander (mate) was chasing employees and customers around the parking lot to protect his family.  Scowl-Face dashed toward the entrance, but the Gander took flight and commenced a strafing run.  Papa Goose landed on Scowl-Face's shoulders, biting and pulling his hair.  According to press reports, Scowl-Face ran around in circles, "squealing like a little girl," according to several witnesses.  Having made his point, the Gander launched himself from his quarry's shoulders and flew at a waitress holding a broom, who also quickly fled.  Ganders, then, are not to be trifled with.  Let that be a lesson to us predators.  Large flying feasts are best left to lions, tigers, and bears, oh, my!

Giving Geese a Goodly Distance Since 1994,

Cauli Le Chat
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Not sure why I signed my tag-line "since 1994," since I wasn't even alive way back then. I blame my minion editors.

It must have been a hysterical sight. Too bad we don't have any video. It would have gone viral, and Scowl-Face would now be nearly as famous as moi. Fortunately, there are lots of similar videos of such encounters on YouTube, which will give us an approximation of what happened.

Man vs. Goose, by Seth Brannon (2013)

Maybe Scowl-Face should have watched the following video (below) before his encounter.

Geese Attack: How to Protect Yourself, by UPS Launch (2015)

These geese are just acting naturally to protect their mates and young.  You'd do the same if some goofy human came stumbling toward your nest.  So cut these dudes some major slack.  Steer clear, peeps.  Word to the wise, I'll venture.

Your Roving Reporter On The Go,

Cauli Le Chat

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