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Cauli Le Chat
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dewey Readmore Books (for Young Reading People, Ages 9-12)

Surely you all know Dewey Readmore Books (1988-2006), late feline-in-residence at Spencer (Iowa) Public Library.  Dewey the Library Cat: a True Story, by Vicki Myron, with Bret Witter (1st ed., New York: Little, Brown & Co., 2010), is a children's book recounting his library life and adventures. There are several books about Dewey, from titles targeted toward preschoolers to grown-up people editions.  There is a Dewey book out there just right for someone in your family!

Take a gander (but watch out--geese can bite!  Just ask Scowl-Face) at our book trailer below to learn more about this wonderful book about a cat among cats.

Iron Frog has a website devoted to library cats (and their interesting histories) from around the world.  If you like felines (and who doesn't?), then you will enjoy searching to see if libraries near you have resident kitties.  Around these parts, of course, Tober the Thorntown (Ind.) Library Cat is a celebrity, and deservedly so.

Back to Dewey Readmore Books.  You will enjoy reading this book (or the many others) about Dewey.  He brought much happiness to many people patrons at Spencer (Iowa) Public Library.  We live to serve.  Wait--that's obviously backwards.  When I say we, I naturally meant you.  Also, add us felines to the end of that sentence.  There!  Much better.  Scowl-Face is right.  Editing does improve one's writing.  (See if he practices what he preaches by reading his blog about this Dewey book.)

Now let me digress and reveal a really funny story about Scowl-Face and ganders.  Back in April, 2008, Scowl-Face was sneaking off to have lunch by himself at Smokey Bones, without bringing anything back for moi (although, admittedly, I didn't know him then; but Stumpy did).  There was a goose sitting upon eggs in a nest outside the restaurant, and her gander (mate) was chasing employees and customers around the parking lot to protect his family.  Scowl-Face dashed toward the entrance, but the Gander took flight and commenced a strafing run.  Papa Goose landed on Scowl-Face's shoulders, biting and pulling his hair.  According to press reports, Scowl-Face ran around in circles, "squealing like a little girl," according to several witnesses.  Having made his point, the Gander launched himself from his quarry's shoulders and flew at a waitress holding a broom, who also quickly fled.  Ganders, then, are not to be trifled with.  Let that be a lesson to us predators.  Large flying feasts are best left to lions, tigers, and bears, oh, my!

Giving Geese a Goodly Distance Since 1994,

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