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Cauli Le Chat
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Muñecas Quitapenas

Today my Library is having children's programs to learn to make Guatemalan worry dolls, or muñecas quitapenas ("dolls [that] remove worries").  They look kinda cute.

If a child (or other person) cannot sleep because s/he is worried, s/he may tell the worry doll about his/her troubles, and the doll worries in the child's/person's place.  This frees the child/person to sleep peaceably and soundly.  By morning the worries will be gone, because the worry doll will have taken them away.  Sometimes, when the child/person awakes, the doll, too, is gone, which suggests that the worries have indeed flown the coop.

Does it really work?  Try it and see.  What have you got to lose?  Only your worries.  Be carefree, be happy.  I think I'll break into song now.

Judy Garland singing "Get Happy"
(From the Musical, Summer Stock [1950])

Are there worry dolls for felines?  Of course there are.
 Cat Worry Dolls

We kitties have worries, too, you know.  You can find these cat worry dolls (and many others to boot) at this website.

What, me worry?  Or is that trademarked?

I'm guessing so.

Travelling the Carefree Highway,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
International Cultural News Beat

P.S.  Here's Gordon Lightfoot singing "Carefree Highway" live in concert, although I'm not sure where or when--sorry about that.  (Folks don't always post this information on YouTube.)  The song was included on Gord's number one album, Sundown (1974).  Click here to learn about the actual Carefree Highway in Arizona, which was the inspiration for the song title.

P.P.S. Hungrytown performs "Sally Lazy," from the duo's new album, Any Forgotten Thing (2011), live at the Black Fly Lounge, as broadcast on GNAT-TV, Manchester, Vermont (April, 2010).  The title character, as you hear in the first verse, has her worries, but the singer will cheer her up with a truly great song.  Click here to learn more about Hungrytown, about whom we have blogged before.


  1. Hi Cauli,
    Those cat worry dolls made me chuckle! Lovely colours. They look quite tricky to make but must be fun creating.

  2. Honestly? I don't worry. I didn't know other cats did!

  3. Mostly we worry why dinner isn't served sooner and more frequently. Maybe that's more irritation or frustration than worry, however.


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