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Cauli Le Chat
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Paving the Way to a Memorable Walk

The MPL Courtyard and surrounding gardens are traversed by a walkway called Pathway to Knowledge, which is surrounded by various vegetation identified for nature lovers' enjoyment and enlightenment.  The walk is comprised of pavers, some of which have been engraved with the names of family members or friends that patrons wish to commemorate.  This aspect of the pathway is referred to as Legacy Lane.  The Library's "Town Crier" PowerPoint slideshow, which runs continuously at the Circulation Desk, tells the tale.

Legacy Lane consists of engraved pavers
along the Pathway to Knowledge by the MPL Courtyard

Sample Engraved Paver

There are many ways to beautify our library grounds.  Pavers make a unique and lasting tribute to your loved ones.  Wouldn't it be nice if somebodies (you know who you are) purchased an engraved stone like this?
After all, Legacy Lane should be a classy walk.  Why not the best?  Worked for Jimmy Carter (sort of).  Seriously, you should buy one of these pavers to commemorate your loved ones.  Ask Boss Lady for details.

I've got an ideal spot already picked out for my paver, by the way.  It's on the way to the MPL Kinder Garden, which is my special hangout.  Come visit and see when it's done (provided, of course, that "somebodies" come across with the Benjamins).  You can take your picture standing next to it.  Maybe me, too, if I happen to be around at the time.

Adding to the MPL Courtyard's Natural Beauty,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Landscaping News Beat

P.S.  For you symphonic metal fans out there, here is "Pathway to the Moon," by Pathfinder, a symphonic power metal band from Poznan, Poland.  The song is included on the band's debut album, Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time (2010).

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  1. The Legacy Lane pavers are a lovely idea for a tribute to someone.
    Great rock song by Pathfinder!


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