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Cauli Le Chat
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Terrific Tuesdays Summer Wind-up

Today was the last day for the Library's Terrific Tuesdays programs.  I'm sad about it.  But we have some great photos.  As always, click the pictures to bigify.

Casey at the Bat showed her elementary school-age patrons how to create a make-believe story, reading an example and then giving them a Garfield the Cat cartoon to illustrate storyboarding.  She also tossed a beanbag around the group, allowing everyone to add something to an ongoing story they made up as they went along.  Then everyone sat down to create their own stories.

 Storytiming (How Make-Believe is Made)

 Beanbag Toss:  Group Story-Building

 Using Garfield the Cat Cartoon to Illustrate Storyboarding

There's the Punch Line!

 Creating Your Own Stories

Meanwhile, Crafty Gal did the storytime thing with her kinder & pre-kinder crowd (and their caregivers).  The story was about a talking melon, but there was really a spider inside that did the talking.  She then had her charges create their own spidery crafts and insert a plastic spider into a "melon" (i.e., orange tennis ball).  There was cantaloupe to eat, too, for snack time.

Storytiming About a Talking Melon

 That Spider is Doing the Talking!

 Crafty Gal and Her Crafty Melon/Spider
(You Supply the Talking and the Imagination)

 Plastic Spider Looks Plenty Real From Here

Making a Spider Craft Using Your Hands
(Eight Fingers For Legs)

 Young Patrons Crafting About

It was a terrific way to end the Library's summer children's programming, I'd venture.

Your Roving Reporter On The Go,

Cauli Le Chat

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