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Cauli Le Chat
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Thursday, March 1, 2012

We Have Wienerdogs!

We have wiener slobberdogs (or, simply, wienerdogs) at my Library. Well, faux dachshunds, at any rate, thanks to Judy T.

 Wienerdogs Using the OPAC
to Search For Slobberdog Books

 "Where Are the EASY Reader Shelves?"

 Really Getting Into This Book, They Are

Hey, Wienerdogs!  The Title Says It All

How realistic are these faux wienerdogs?  Pretty much.  This breed of slobberdogs is looooooong.


Pretty Spiffy in That Sweater, I Must Say

We've Seen This Guy Before

I suppose it's okay that our faux wiener slobberdogs are permitted to stay inside my Library, even though I am not allowed to remain inside all the time (and never where allergic patrons are).  I'm a freedom feline and tough to boot.  Cold winds don't faze moi.

What other "decorations" are there in MPL Youth Services?  Well, there are loads of faux animals.  But there's also a nice book display for March (as always, click the photo to bigify):

Have you seen any of the Library's book trailers or other videos in which we use 2006 photos of the Library?  In particular, there were some pictures of the Youth Services information desk (at which sat Cataloger Queen, whose Russian name I gave her has slipped my mind entirely, and whose old "Cauli name" from a year ago has likewise escaped my consciousness).  "Which videos?" you say.  (Go ahead.  Say it.  I can wait.) No sooner said than done.  Here's one with that six-year-old YS photo in the credits.  (But please watch the entire book trailer.  It's one of my favorites.)

The Quest For Fire, by J. H. Rosny
(MPL Book Trailer #86)

We have used the 2006 photos in our videos because the Library addition had just opened then, and everything looked so neat.  Well, Youth Services has expanded its artsy decorations during the past six years. Make with modern photos, minions!  These were taken yesterday.  If you click to bigify the pictures, you might just see Cataloger Queen.  She is, naturally, cataloging.  She was in the 2006 photos, too.  But not the same items, of course.  Cataloging is a complex process, but it doesn't take six years to catalog something.  It only feels that way sometimes.

I see that the Shining Knight has his (or her?  Can't tell from outside the armor) scarf, thanks to Broadway Gal or the Decorinator, I'm guessing. He (or she) protects the chicksoons, as you may recall.

Well, anyway, let's get back to the wienerdogs.  They're welcome to hang out anywhere they like in the Library, provided they stay away from my special places.  If they've read my blog, and it is unimaginable that they wouldn't have, then they should know where these spots are situated. Reminders?  I can do that.  And that, too.

Don't Trip Over Our Faux Wienerdogs,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Library Critters News Beat

P.S.  This dachshund sings a sad Russian song (2007).  (Well, I'm guessing the guy's speaking Russian at the end, but I couldn't hear it very well.) With guitar playing that bad, I'd wail out a tune, too.


  1. Apparently, my mind was "out-of-phase" when I was writing this posting. I meant "faze," of course, when I was talking about the cold winds. (Thanks to editing magic, fixed and fixed now.) Must have been thinking of a Star Trek phaser. Cool to have a real one. I could heat up my canned tuna-in-oil really well with one of those.

  2. Those Weinerdogs look fun to have around in the library as long as they stay away from your tuna! Love the video of dachshund singing :)


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