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Cauli Le Chat
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Secluded Sleeping Spot is WAY Too Small For Moi

I have discovered an apparent secluded sleeping spot for moi in my Library's Indiana Room (circled in red below--sorry it's so small; click the pic to make it larger, but not my fault if it doesn't).

Definitely Secluded Potential Sleeping Spot

Let's have a closer look.

You have GOT to be kidding!

Here are the dimensions of this purported sleeping space:  30-1/4 inches wide x 8 inches tall x 11-3/4 inches deep.  Here is a picture of moi standing by some other bookshelves.

My Beautiful Self

Those are high school yearbooks on that shelf next to moi.  They are 12-1/4 inches tall.  If I were standing level with them, I would stand nearly as tall.  Even in my curled-up snoozing position, if I were to try sleeping in that tiny shelf space in the Indiana Room, I'd be wedged in there tighter than a ham-and-cheese sandwich in Scowl-Face's mouth.  Width is no problem, admittedly; 30 inches is plenty of space.  But height is completely insufficient, and depth is, well, snug at best.

What I deserve (and, not to put too fine a point on it, demand) is a secluded sleeping spot commensurate with my massive cuteness, highly refined dignity, astounding erudition, and definitively cultivated tastes.  Here's a visual translation:

Let's See, Now  . . .

 There.  MUCH Better!

You may bring in the lounge suite anytime.  Be sure to cover it with the extra soft comforters.

Palace is Preferable, But Room Will Do, I Suppose,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
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  1. Hey, Cauli,

    You can click those photos to make them larger.

  2. Scowl-Face,

    I know! I've mentioned it before in several blogs. Don't you read these things? And you, my editor. Tsk. Tsk.

  3. I've added the thing about the pictures, S.F. If you were any good as an editor, you'd have done that yourself.

  4. Cauli kids, but she really likes me. I think.

  5. Cauli, how do you get into that spot? Do they provide a stepladder?
    Cat Mandu
    (a friend of Tober's)

  6. Cat Mandu,

    There's a ladder (see left-hand side of top photo) that rolls along a guide bar running the length of the built-in shelves. It has a sign that says, "Staff Only," but, of course, that includes me. Scowl-Face will have to move the ladder into place, because it is kinda heavy. Then I can run right up there! Of course, I'm hoping that the entire room will be mine after I changed the room sign. Awaiting Boss Lady's decision on that, but it seems like a reasonable request to moi.

  7. Looks quite a tight spot there Cauli! Hope u can have a special plaque on the shelf with your name on to show people it's your spot!Like the Roving reporter room sign.

  8. Ellie,

    That shelf plaque is a truly ingenious idea! I'll ask Boss Lady to have one made special. Thanks!


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