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Cauli Le Chat
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's Back!

IT'S BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!

This thing creeped moi out last year.  Decorinator has been busy putting up Valentine's Day adornments throughout the Library.  We have all our old favorites from last year, along with a few new faces.

Warm & Fuzzy Slobberpup

Front Display Case is All Set For Smooching

It's not like mistletoe, Scowl-Face.  So you can stop hanging around the display cabinet by the Library's front entrance.  Ain't happenin' -- just saying.

Plant a Big Smooch on Hank There

Don't Forget Willie, Too

Scowl-Face, either use the camera flash or get the tripod.  I'm not telling you again.

This Dude Will Be Appearing in My Nightmares

Cherubs Are Kinda Cute, Kinda Creepy, Too

My Weird-O-Meter is Off the Scale Now

Shouldn't the Frogger Say, "Hold Me," Since This is the Holds Shelf?
(Just Saying)

Bound For Plainfield, Apparently

Remember Your Valentine on February 14,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Holiday Decoration News Beat

P.S.  The Beatles wrote many classic rock-and-roll love songs.  "P.S., I Love You," from the LP Please Please Me (1963), is one good example.  Please Please Me was the Beatles' debut album.  Don't have it?  For shame.


  1. That's funny, Ms. Alyssa keeps refering to February 14th as "Singles Awareness Day."

  2. Sheesh, could those Valentine's Day decorations get any scarier? They'll give ME nightmares too.


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