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Cauli Le Chat
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Affirming Signature Authenticity Since Around 2 p.m. Today

When Payor Pal left my Library, she took her notariness with her.  (She was a Notary Public.)  Having no other employee empowered to affirm (upon oath) the authenticity of signatures, our patrons were denied this significant service--at the Library, anyway.  Scowl-Face was once a Notary Public in Indiana, but his authorization lapsed shortly after he moved to Montana to teach college stuff.  So, as we have all come to expect, he was utterly useless in this department.

Thankfully, Technigal has taken up the gauntlet. After rigorous study and exhausting online examination, she has been empowered by the State of Indiana to serve as a Notary Public.  Now she may lawfully notarize patrons' signatures upon important documents.  How does one know the notarization is genuine?  Well, she will be receiving an official state certificate, for starters.  Then she has the official notary public seal.

What a Notary Seal Looks Like

Or Not

What kinds of documents require notarization?  Legal stuff.  Need to verify your pleadings in a lawsuit, like, say, a divorce (i.e., dissolution of marriage cause of action)?  Notarization can do that.  How about real property deeds?  Yep.  Passport applications?  Could be.  Some contracts?  It's possible.  Just for laughs?  Not so much.

So drop by the Library whenever you need something notarized.  Technigal will be happy to help.  Although Indiana law permits notaries public to charge a fee for their services, it is free here at the Library.  Well, maybe you should buy Technigal a soda or something.  (Just kidding.  I don't even know if she drinks soda.)

In Witness Whereof,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Legal News Beat

P.S.  Thinking about the legal requirements to become a Notary Public, which Technigal was perusing while I slipped into the staff lounge for a quick bite from the 'fridge, I immediately thought about attorneys.  Do you know there are songs about lawyers?  Nolo Press has even selected a top ten list of lawyer songs.  One of my favorites is "Philadelphia Lawyer," an American folk song recorded by Woody Guthrie.  The song appeared on The Asch Recordings, Volume I (1944), which is available on CD.

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