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Cauli Le Chat
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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Waddleskiffers Invade My Library

Waddleskiffers (also called frozen flipper birds) have invaded my Library, thanks to the Decorinator.  They look pretty cute, I must say.

Daddy & Baby Waddleskiffers

Did you know that father Emperor Waddleskiffers rear their young?  Broadway Gal and Cataloger Queen (whose Russian name momentarily escapes moi) just told me.  You can learn a lot at a library.

Waddleskiffers (or Frozen Flipper Birds)

Santa's South Pole Elves

Decorinator, along with her interior design team, was hard at work yesterday getting the Library all spruced up for the upcoming holidays.  This is a huge job, but their dedication and creativity is enjoyed and appreciated.  Many patrons comment on the pleasant atmosphere they have established through their artistic talents.  Our young patrons especially go wild over the decorations.  Sometimes, a stuffed critter is forcibly abducted, but little legs rarely make it to the exit doors before Scowl-Face tackles them.  Sometimes, if the youngsters are in the early elementary school grades, it takes Scowlly and Queen Settler to bring them down.  Defensive tackles, they're not.  Still, they're probably better than this year's Indianapolis Colts defensive front line.

Of course, I'm just kidding about the whole tackling thing.  Our staff doesn't chase children down that way.  We use stun-guns.  (Again, just kidding!)  Actually, our young patrons are so well-behaved that there are never any problems.  It is a pleasure to serve them.

Jolly Saint Nick sits atop the Business books section of our adult nonfiction collections.

Naughty or Nice?  You're on my lists somewhere 

"Back off that camera flash!" says Santa

The faux fireplaces have also returned.  You may recall I was peeved last year about these.  But they've been around the Library much longer than I.

Faux fireplace in Giving Tree/Directors' Gallery Lounge Area
(Another blurry photo by Scowl-Face) (Eye-Roll)
Sleepy Slobberdog &"Flat" Cauli II
are "warmed" by the faux fire

Display Case Has Holiday Cheer

 Hank as Santa's Poetic Elf

Willie as Santa's Literary Elf

Library's Shining Knight is Looking Festive

I have more photos, but let's save some for another blog posting.

Happy Holidays to My Loyal Readers,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Holiday News Beat

P.S.  Bing Crosby recorded many versions of "Happy Holiday," written by Irving Berlin, but this one comes from the soundtrack to the movie Holiday Inn (1942).  Bing sings with the John Scott Trotter Orchestra.  The song is sometimes known as "Happy Holidays," but the original title was singular.  The Holiday Inn hotel chain took its name from the movie.  It was actually suggested as a joke to architect Eddie Bluestein, who apparently saw the commercial possibilities.  The first Holiday Inn hotel was completed in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1952.  Have you stayed there?  I did, back in the 1950s, when I was living one of my previous nine lives.

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  1. The library looks lovely! You should come check out the Festival of Trees here. I'll post some pictures once all the trees are decorated.


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