Cauli Le Chat

Cauli Le Chat
Cauli Le Chat, MPL Roving Reporter

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hiatus is Over; Back to Work!

My three-day hiatus is over!  I'm now back at work, and after roaming the countryside for the latest news (and freezing my you-know-what off), I'm ready to report the latest excitement at MPL.  As I said, it was rather cold outside the last three days, so when I came into the library this morning, I was pleased to see another roaring fire by the Giving Tree (please and thank you) and the Boss Ladies' gallery (there be some stern gals, let me tell you).

So I circled three times and curled up in a ball in front of what I expected to be a nice, warm fire, only to discover--yet again--that this is some sort of faux fire.  It wasn't funny the other time (see my blog from last month), and it's not getting any funnier, people!  An ice-cube kitty who has been working hard pounding the outdoor winter news beat deserves an actual, fully functional, true-to-life toasty, blazing fire.

So, whose paychecks do I have to line my litterbox with to get this thing fired up for real?

Feeling Left Out in the Cold,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Chattering Teeth News Beat

P.S. Here's the Boss Ladies' gallery.  Pretty stern bunch!

P.P.S.  Here's the MPL Giving Tree.  Won't you please?  I thank you; Boss Lady thanks you; and even Scowl-Face thanks you.


  1. Cauli, here we have a for-real fireplace but no fire! Maybe your staff should spring for a nice warm kitty pad for when you come Inside?

    Stay warm!

  2. Thanks, Tober, for the great idea! A warm kitty pad is just the thing. Scowl-Face would say it was the "cat's pyjamas," but he says lots of strange things like that, even "23 skidoo," which I know for a fact he read in an F. Scott Fitzgerald essay in a college literature course. I try to avoid those tired cliches myself. Right now, I'm roughing it as an outdoor, fresh air sort of gal. Pretty cold! But I'm used to it.

    Take it easy! Keep those Boss Ladies in line!

    Cauli Le Chat


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