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Cauli Le Chat
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Musical Applications in Action

Yesterday I blogged about my Library's composer's new music CD and music scores, which are available to check-out in the Evergreen Indiana online catalog.  Today I'd like to demonstrate how this wonderful instrumental music may be practically applied to Library video projects.

Dream Big, Little Pig!, by Kristi Yamaguchi, is an imaginative early readers book that encourages kids to explore different activities and, most importantly, to keep trying, even if success doesn't come easily or quickly.  Long journeys reward the perseverant with special treasures.  For more about this book, drop by my Cauli 4 Kids blog.

In this book trailer, note how the bright, cheerful, optimistic feelings that the music evokes promote the book's positive, life-affirming message.  It is the perfect melding of music and subject, which makes this my favorite book trailer.  Excellent work, Lady With the Red Hair!

Another of the Lady With the Red Hair's videos is this promo trailer for the Greenwood Public Library (GPL) Butterfly Garden.  Once again, the soundtrack combines a lilting, playful mood with garden imagery to create a joyful, happy experience.  You can almost see the butterflies flittering about!  (Wait, you can . . . but that's just really good animation.) 

The more sombre, self-reflective tones in this musical composition were perfect for this book trailer featuring A Separate Peace, by John Knowles.  There is a melancholy aspect to both the music and the novel that reveals deeper, hidden meanings.  Scowl-Face has something to say about it.  Doesn't he always?

These videos incorporated three of the five woodwind quintets that The Music Man included on his CD.  Their versatility and flexibility assure that my Library will be using them to make more of their book trailers, program trailers, promo trailers, and other videos come alive.  Great music has an amazing power to vivify what otherwise would be mundane and ordinary.

Visit the Music Man's website for more fabulous original musical compositions.

I'm Getting in Tune,

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P.S.  Here is "Getting in Tune," from the LP Who's Next?, by The Who (1971).

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