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Cauli Le Chat
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Flat" Caulis Be Cruisin' All Over

Exciting travel news on the "Flat" Cauli front.  "Flat" Cauli I is travelling to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, with one of the families that attends the Library's homeschool group.  (We'll talk about "Flat" Cauli II's upcoming adventures in a future posting.)  Meanwhile, "Flat" Cauli III will visit Greenwood Public Library next week to present my "slobberdog and horsey show" that we'll also be doing at the 2011 Indiana Library Federation (ILF) annual conference next month in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Find out more about our presentation by visiting Scowl-Face's readers' advisory blog.

That's a pretty full agenda for "Flat" Caulis.  Lucky for moi that there are many "Flat" Caulis.  While they're out-and-about running down cool travel stories, I'll be right here blogging away their reports, plus my own to boot.  I offer full service blogs, after all.

"Flat" Cauli III found many interesting Halloween decorations last night as she romped around the Library.  I, too, was romping inside the Library, but I had to keep a low profile, because Boss Lady says some patrons are allergic to felines.  Go figure.

In the Youth Services Department, there was an elemental nature spirit inhabiting a tree with some spooky pumpkins.  "Flat" Cauli thought it was the cat's pajamas.

We should have some terrific travel sagas during my November blog postings.  The stuff of feline folklore!  Magnificent legendary tales that will be retold for generations.  Or at least until supper.

Wish I Could Travel With "Flat" Caulis, But Someone Has To Work,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Travel News Beat

P.S.  Travel reminded me of "Beyond the Sea," by Bobby Darin (1960), which has been included on many of his "greatest hits" compilations.

P.P.S.  "Lucifer Sam" was a ship's cat and spooky to boot.  Here is Pink Floyd singing about Sam (and "hip-cats" generally) on their debut album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1967).

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