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Cauli Le Chat
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Why No Block Party Food For Moi?

This past Thursday (June 16, 2011), the Town of Mooresville (or, more particularly, those attending residents) enjoyed a Mardi Gras Block Party, sponsored by Zydeco's 5 restaurant and Citizens Bank.  The block involved in the party centered upon the central downtown business district along Main and Indiana Streets, but several other local businesses and organizations were involved, and so there was much to see and do.  Mostly, there was food to eat.  That's why I was there, naturally.  (There is no requirement that a roving reporter deliver the news on an empty stomach.)

Thanks to The Lady With the Red Hair for taking a few photos with my Library's adult services digital camera.  It was her first time using it, so we should cut her some proverbial slack here.

 MPL Booth at Mooresville Mardi Gras Block Party

There were several other photos on the camera's memory card from the block party (two of which were of satisfactory quality to use), but each had people's images, and we didn't secure signed permissions to post them here (or anywhere, for that matter).  So I can't use them in my blog, but I'll describe them a little.  One had a bunch of folks hitting a fresh lemonade stand, because it was hot, but not unbearably so; and another showed a father and son, the latter of which was covering his ears, possibly because he found the music too loud for his sensitive hearing (I have known several boy kiddies under age 10 who are sensitive to loud noises, and, as a feline with acute auditory capabilities, I sympathize.  At age 7 or 8, Scowl-Face cried at Fourth of July fireworks displays because the booming physically hurt his ears.  Still cries, probably.)  Other attempted photos didn't turn out, in part because of battery complications (the electric juice ran out).  The Lady With the Red Hair would have done better with her own digital camera, but she didn't bring it along.  There's a lesson here about preparation, I'm thinking.

What about the food?  Most interesting to moi was the crawfish (crayfish?)-eating contest, in which folks ate several pounds of crawfish in competition with one another.  Inexplicably, I was excluded from this event; in fact, I wasn't allowed to sample any tasty morsels at the block party.  Some nonsense about public health laws.  I'm cleaner all around than people, any day of the week, I'll have you know.  It was totally bogus.

But patience and vigilance have their own rewards.  There were multiple trash cans scattered around downtown, filled with many a delicious tidbit.  As you may recall, I am a master dumpster diver.

Crawdads Slide Down the Gullet Nice and Smooth,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Summer Parties News Beat

P.S.  You grammar dudes out there needn't remind me that nicely and smoothly would be proper adverb forms.  I'm using vernacular, or, more precisely, dialect.

P.P.S.  "Party everyday!"  Here's "Rock and Roll All Nite," by Kiss, which was one of the group's biggest singles.  It appeared on the LP Dressed to Kill (1975).

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  1. Cauli, How mean of those two legs not to let u join in the fish eating contest! Two legs have funny ideas! Glad u found some tasty snacks to eat. U will have to run the fish contest yourself next time and invite your feline friends :)


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