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Cauli Le Chat
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Just Playing Around

Last Friday the Music Man (his "Cauli name"; he and everyone else calls him Danny) emailed a new musical composition, about which he wrote, "[I] was playing around on the keyboard and came up with this; let me know what you think."  (That means you.)  The song, entitled "Touch of Romance," is pretty spectacular, considering that he knocked it out after a few minutes of noodling around on piano.  In fact, it is such an amazingly catchy tune that my Library has already used it as the soundtrack for two new videos.  Wanna watch and listen to the great music?  You better believe it.

MPL Program Trailer #19:
Share the Love of Reading

MPL Book Trailer #107:
The Ghost & Mrs. Muir,
by R. A. Dick

It is positively beyond our powers of comprehension how the Music Man is able to create such wonderful compositions, ranging from simple melodies (like this one) to complete orchestral works.  We are truly fortunate to have his services as our Library's composer.

What is even more amazing is that the Music Man is willing to share with libraries and primary or secondary schools his collected repertoire of original compositions (recorded as MP3 files) free-of-charge.  He asks only for attribution in the credits of library- or school-created videos (like ours, for instance).  (He is limiting this offer to libraries and primary or secondary schools, since they serve the community and seek educational objectives.)  Ask Scowl-Face for details.

We certainly enjoy the Music Man's creativity.  Genius is not limited to moi, although sometimes it seems that way.

Need More Comfortable Earbuds For My MP3 Player, However,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
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P.S.  Visit the MPL Soundcloud website or the Music Man's website to listen to more of his fantastic music.  Here's a music video showcasing "The Ocean" from the CD Through Abstract Eyes (2010).

This selection was also used as the soundtrack to one of our book trailers.

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  1. Two fantastic pieces of music by Danny! Clearly an natural composer :)


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