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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Where Large Print Went

If you're looking for large print books at my library, you won't find them where they used to be shelved (along the wall shared with the community room).  So where'd they go?  Take a peek at where the adult fiction books (A-C) used to be shelved.  (Click the photos to bigify.)

New Shelving Location For Large Print Books

Large print books are now shelved on the front shelves in the adult fiction area, starting at the north end (i.e., closest to the emergency exit onto the courtyard).  Large Print now occupies about two-and-one-half shelf ranges, as shown in the photos below.

Look for signs like these on the ends of the shelves.

So, where did all the adult fiction books go?  They start behind the newspaper & magazine shelves, run west (toward the community room shared wall), then run along that shared wall, then come back east (toward the grand hall) until they reach where large print are now shelved.  Easy, right?  Well, come take a look.  You'll see how it's arranged easily enough.

Adult Fiction K-M is along the back wall where Large Print used to be.  Deal with it.

Many thanks to Miss Kathleen (whom I'm now going to call CompTechGal as her Cauli nickname) and her team for shifting all those books around in really short order.  They were super-fast, so maybe I should call her The Flash.

Yep, Pretty Much

I'll stick with CompTechGal.  Trademark and copyright infringement lawsuits, I don't need.  (Teen Titan, notwithstanding.)

Your Roving Reporter On The Go,

Cauli Le Chat

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