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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

What's That Silver Thing?

If you've read Scowl-Face's local history blog and survived to tell the tale, you may have seen his articles about Mooresville's new Bicentennial Park downtown.  It looks like this (it may look blurry, but it will be in focus when you play it):

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What's that big silver thing in the middle?  Actually, there are three silver things.  Is this a new place for moi to hangout and set my supper dish?

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Moi Sitting Next to the Silver Things

I don't see a place to sleep on these silver things.  The edges are too small and aren't flat enough.  It does make an excellent scratching post, as you can see from the marks there.  I wonder if most of my feline friends from around town have already visited here?

Scowl-Face just told moi that the silver things represent the flames atop the torch on the Indiana State Flag.  Funny--I don't feel any heat, and they're not orange or red like fire.  Maybe it's some kind of cool flame.  Let's compare it to the state flag.  What do you think?

Same Shapes as the Torch Flame, For Sure

Scowl-Face also says that it's a sculpture, not real flames.  Since Mooresville is the home of the Indiana State Flag, I guess that sculpture makes sense.

Drop by for a visit.  There's a nice park to walk around in.  See?  I'll "borrow" some photos from Scowl-Face's December blog post.

Your Roving Reporter On The Go,

Cauli Le Chat

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