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Cauli Le Chat
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Thursday, February 8, 2018

What Makes a Cat a Cat

What makes a cat . . . a cat?  That's the theme of a delightful new children's picture book.  Naturally, we have a book trailer.

MPL Book Trailer #419
I Am A Cat, by Galia Bernstein

Simon is a cute cat--what humans typically call a house cat.  (Like we're going to be stuck inside a house if we want to go out?  Still, it's probably less insulting than domesticated cat, which is obviously an oxymoron.)  Simon knows he is a feline, but his bigger cousins disagree.  The large wild felines each describe cats in their own terms, depending upon their specific physical attributes (fur color, fur length, spots, ability to run fast, etc.)  But Simon sees beyond superficial physical characteristics to see the commonality among all felines.  Finally, the big cats get the big picture.

This is a heartwarming book that shows young readers that we may look different, but we're all cats.  I think that works for people, too.

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