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Thursday, March 28, 2013

We're Haunted, Pretty Much

"Flat" Cauli VI's recent expedition to Willard Library reminded moi about my own Library's paranormal activities.  We had professional investigators visit last summer (2012), and they discovered some strange happenings throughout the building.  The group (Hoosier Ghost Investigators [HGI]) encountered spontaneous psychokinetic (PK) activity, electronic voice phenomena (EVP), anomalous sounds, electromagnetic (EM) disturbances, and sudden temperature changes.  Programma Mama arranged the investigation on behalf of MPL, and she was present at the proceedings, along with Savvy, who has now departed us, but not in the spirit way, thankfully!

We've got a handout that explains HGI's paranormal discoveries along with a map showing locations of such activities.  Click here for the handout.

Considerable paranormal activity occurred in the library basement.  EM interference appeared to disrupt a flashlight's beam without mechanically altering the on/off switch.  (The flashlight was fully functional and otherwise operated perfectly.)  The team captured some video using somebody's cell phone.  Click the video boxes below to play.

Some of the EM flashlight interference seemed intelligently driven, but more experiments would need to be conducted to replicate these results if they are to be more than simply suggestive of paranormality.  The spontaneous PK movement from the Indiana Roving Reporter Room bookshelf was pretty impressive.

Let's move from psychical science to folklore.  Haunted places as folklore become part of a society's legendary collective storytelling.  As stories passing through the cultural consciousness, they are interesting without the need for veridical evidence.  As such, we may speculate freely about possible causes.  Some of the purportedly spiritualistic communications secured in the library basement appeared to come from disembodied entities identifying themselves as former MPL director Bonita Marley (1906-2002) and Mooresville school teacher and librarian Marian Adams (1920-2000).  Although this has not been verified as genuine spiritual interchange (from a parapsychological standpoint), it makes for great folklore and gives one pause for thought.

We hope HGI offers additional programs at my Library.  The one last summer was intriguing and informative.  We even made a promo trailer beforehand.

MPL Program Trailer #27
Ghost Hunters at the Library

Be sure to attend if HGI has another program.  You'll really enjoy it. Meanwhile, visit the Library to see if anything paranormal happens to you. Anything's possible.  Just ask Scowl-Face.  He knows a little about the subject.

Your Roving Reporter On The Go,

Cauli Le Chat

P.S.  If you're interested in paranormal books, watch our book trailer playlists.  We've got one for nonfiction and another for fiction.

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