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Cauli Le Chat
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Really Noisy Crafts

Crafty Gal and Aggie McPooch produced some REALLY noisy crafts during this week's early literacy programs.  I'll let them explain in this week's episode of their video blog (vlog).

Miss Michelle @ MPL: Early Literacy Fun at the Library
(Week of March 10-16, 2013),
by Crafty Gal & Aggie McPooch

Our early literacy crowd and their caregivers read more Seuss, moo'ed a whole bunch, shook their noise-shakers, made cool crafts (for which Crafty Gal is rightly famed far and wide), and did other exciting stuff in our early literacy programs.  It's more fun than you can shake a stick at.  Well, shake something, anyway.

Your Roving Reporter On The Go,

Cauli Le Chat

P.S.  "(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty," by KC and the Sunshine Band, was included on the LP Part 3 (1976).  I was no big disco fan, but I liked this group.  Don't ask moi to explain.  There's no rational reason, really.  Some things I just like.  Go figure.

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