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Cauli Le Chat
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Add Some ALE to Your Heritage Questing

My Library now subscribes to Ancestry Library Edition (ALE), an online genealogical research database from ProQuest.  If you plan to research your family tree, then you'll want to use this service, which is now available on the Library campus (onsite use only!).  Ask for a log-in slip from staff at our circulation, adult information, or Indiana Room desks.

Now Available at MPL (Onsite Use Only)

Can you spare a couple of minutes?  ProQuest has a dandy video that explains ALE in a nutshell.

Ancestry Library Edition
Two-Minute Promo Video
by ProQuest

Patrons will be able to log-into to do genealogy research.  There are some important rules, however:
  • MPL patrons may ONLY log-into Ancestry Library Edition (ALE) from the Library's campus.  So there is no remote access available.
  • The good news is that you may log-into ALE using your wireless device (laptop or notebook computer or other web-browsing gadget), but, again, you must connect while you are physically at the Library.
  • ALE will also be available at the Library's computer lab work stations and on the Indiana Room public PC.
  • Ask for a log-in slip from staff at our circulation, adult information, or Indiana Room desks.  (I know I wrote this already, but it bears repeating.)
If you need remote accessibility, the Library also offers Heritage Quest Online (HQ), another popular genealogy database.  You may access that anywhere you have an Internet connection. All you need is your MPL-issued Evergreen Indiana library card (or MPL Access library card). Click the icon below to jump to Heritage Quest's log-in screen.

Click Logo to Log-in


Learning how to use Ancestry Library Edition or Heritage Quest Online is easy.  ProQuest offers FREE online training webinars (just click Genealogy in the subject list) and provides FREE downloadable genealogy LibGuides.  The LibGuides help you navigate the ALE or HQ online workspaces.  Just click the menu selections on the ABOUT taskbar to get help for specific areas.

Click Image to Bigify

The Library will also have free bookmarks with quick tips and strategies you may use to enhance your ALE research.

You may also ask the Library's historian to assist you.  That's Scowl-Face. (Actually, he's the website manager, but he was our local historian first, so I guess he will do in a pinch.)  He will be happy to help, even if he doesn't look friendly.  There's a reason we call him Scowl-Face, but he's actually reasonably nice and moderately capable.  As one of my minions, he's fair-to-middling.

Scowl-Face in the Indiana Roving Reporter Room

Trust moi:  You will love Ancestry Library Edition.  When coupled with Heritage Quest Online, your genealogy research practically does itself.

Your Roving Reporter On The Go,

Cauli Le Chat

P.S.  If you've got a couple more minutes, ProQuest has another short promo trailer explaining Heritage Quest Online.  I wish our videos looked this good.  See what having a social media budget can do, Boss Lady?  Just saying.

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