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Cauli Le Chat
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Monday, October 8, 2012

That's DOCTOR Hooticus to You

This week began our first puppet interviews to replace Sammy the Toucan.  Well, replace is a misnomer.  You simply can't replace talent like Sammy!  Somebody will fill her position as early literacy sidekick to Crafty Gal, but we will never be able to replace Sammy.

Our first candidate is Professor Hooticus Maximus, Ph.D.  I know what those letters at the end stand for.  You probably do, too.  If not, try this on for size.

When Scowl-Face interviewed for his job at MPL, it must surely have sounded like this.

Crafty Gal interviews Dr. Hooticus Maximus
for Sammy the Toucan's sidekick job

Did you catch our little joke in the early title cards?  Doctor Whoticus instead of Hooticus?  That's a shout-out to the BBC television character, the Doctor (from the series Doctor Who).  Sort of an inside joke there--several of our staff are HUGE Doctor Who fans.

Ordinarily, we post these videos on Wednesdays, but I just couldn't wait.  You deserve a sneak preview.

Naturally, Sammy wanted to have a go at interviewing her potential successor.

Sammy the Toucan interviews
Dr. Hooticus Maximus

MPL patrons get to vote on which of three candidates they like best; however, you have to wait to vote until you've watched all six video interviews.  Details?  Can do.

Next week we'll post our second candidate's video interviews, and the week thereafter we'll post the third candidate's.  Then you get to vote!

Who will be the "new Sammy the Toucan"?  Stay tuned to find out!

Why is Tigger's Behind Facing the Camera?  Just Asking,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Library Puppet News Beat

P.S.  Why not a ventriloquist dummy as your sidekick, Crafty Gal?  This video supplies a really strong vote against this choice.  Intriguing music, however.  Interesting singing voice, although I found it a little wooden and mechanical.

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