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Cauli Le Chat
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Monday, October 15, 2012

Say the Magic Words With Moi

Say the magic words with moi, won't you?  Hocus-Pocus, Alakazam, Bippidy-Boppidy-BOO!  (Not to be confused with Bippidy Bag.)  What magically appeared for you?  For moi, it was the latest episode of MEG-A-RAE, the Library's video readers' advisory blog featuring Savvy and Programma Mama.

This week's episode features--wait for it--magic.

I thought you had to have a magic wand or something similar to do magic tricks, Programma Mama.  Apparently not, if you're a true wizard.  Or wizardess?  Is that even a word?

Books about magic are fun reads around Halloween time.  We have a few book trailers featuring some such books, which I'll gladly share.  These four books are gauged for young readers between ages 10-14, or thereabouts.  Adults seem to enjoy them, too.

MPL Book Trailer #13
Celia and the Fairies, by Karen McQuestion

MPL Book Trailer #129
Secrets of the Magic Ring, by Karen McQuestion

MPL Book Trailer #16
The Sixty-Eight Rooms, by Marianne Malone

MPL Book Trailer #135
Stealing Magic, by Marianne Malone

Magical Reading, I'd Venture,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Magical Reading News Beat

P.S.  Pilot released "Magic" in 1974 (1975 in the U.S.), proving once again that '70's pop music was sappy.  But this is a catchy tune, despite its inane lyrics.  I can't help liking it.  Sorry.  In 1974 the tune topped the Canadian pop charts and reached #11 on the British singles charts.  In 1975 it reached #5 on Billboard's Hot 100 pop singles charts.  Hey, this sound was quite popular back in the day.

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