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Cauli Le Chat
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Library Goals For 2012

This week (probably next as well), MPL staffers meet with Boss Lady to discuss their library-related (i.e., work) goals for 2012.  Although I haven't been scheduled for such a meeting, I thought it might be useful to outline my library goals for the year.
  • Goal #1:  Create my graphic novel
  • Goal #2:  Reach 100,000 viewings on my Cat's Eye View @ MPL blog.
  • Goal #3:  Make more live action, voice-over library videos
Broadway Gal suggested a cool website that used photographs with "word balloons" (in a graphic novel typeface) to indicate characters' dialogue or thought processes.  This would be MUCH easier than finding an artist to draw my graphic novel.  What's more, I could use "Flat" Caulis as my character, since I'm technically not allowed inside the public-travelled portion of the Library (due to patrons' allergies), and, anyway, I'm much too busy as an official feline roving reporter to be stalled by a prolonged photo shoot.  So this is quite doable.

What's my current total blog viewership statistics?  63,029 as of 9:22 p.m. E.S.T. on Valentine's Day.  If I were to average 8,500 viewings per month for the remaining 10 months, then that would be 85,000 viewings for 2012.  I need 36,971 to reach a hundred thousand.  I think that's a goal that could reasonably be met this year.

So far, the videos I produce for my Library have been okay, but I'd really like to improve them by employing more live action and voice-over. Music has been superlative, thanks to the Music Man, so there's no need to change things in the soundtrack department.  We need more of a Cauli presence in the videos, so "Flat" Caulis should play a more visible role in future videos.  Perhaps some sort of readers' advisory, what's-on-the-shelves approach similar to "Library Picker" at Messing Library, the Middle School at Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School (MICDS), only without the high-tech bells-and-whistles.  Want to see what a middle school library can accomplish?

Each of these goals is quite achievable during 2012.  So let's get started! You've already helped reach goal #2 by reading my blog.  Thank you.  As for the other two goals:  Minions, make it so.

Glad to Have Minions, Frankly,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Library Goals News Beat

P.S.  Thinking about goals and achievements and the road in-between that leads in every direction but the one you feel you've taken, let's consider "Closer to Fine," by the Indigo Girls, from their self-titled album (1989). There's more than one answer to these questions.  Crooked lines are not necessarily wrong paths.  What happens along the journey is happening, so best to pay attention.  The roads will take you where you're going, as long as you're heading that way anyway.

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