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Cauli Le Chat
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How May We Multi-Serve You Today?

During a departmental meeting today, at which I was secretly curled-up on a book case catching a few Zzzzz, Boss Lady shared a story illustrating just how extensive and diverse our Library services are.  Want to hear it?  You bet you do.

MPL Circulation Desk

Last week a patron visited the Library to make a photocopy.  He needed to make a copy in which his driver's license appeared on a particular form, but he was having trouble arranging it on the photocopy machine.  One of our helpful circulation staff placed the form on the bypass feed and oriented the driver's license so that it appeared exactly in the correct location.

Library's Public Photocopier (Across From Public Computer Lab)

Pleased as punch, the patron thanked our staffer, asking where in town he might go to send a fax (he needed to fax the form somewhere).  At our circulation desk, we happen to have a fax machine for public use.  Our patron was even more pleased.

Library Public Fax Machine (at the Circulation Desk)

"That's great," said the patron, "but I'll have to come back to fax it.  I need to go to a bank to get this [form] notarized."  No, he didn't, said our courteous staffer.  We happen to have two notaries public on the premises, one of whom was working at the time our visitor needed his notarization.  So our patron had his document notarized forthwith, followed with a "fax chaser."

Technigal (one of two MPL Notaries Public)
Armed and Ready to Notarize

You can imagine just how wonderfully thrilled our patron was to have three of his immediate needs met simultaneously.  When it comes to patron services, our Library is MUCH more than books and movies.

Drop by to see all the really cool services and resources we have available for you.  You need an Evergreen Indiana library card to check-out materials from our various collections, but otherwise anybody, as a general rule, may utilize our other services (including reference and computers), attend our multitudinous programs, and receive free informational materials as available throughout the Library.

Remember to ask for BizMeister or Technigal when you want something notarized.  Maybe Technigal will be wearing those fishnet stockings she wore to Programma Mama's lodge murder mystery program last Saturday.

How may we multi-serve you today?

We Can Do That,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Library Services News Beat

P.S.  "Help!" by the Beatles, was both a hit single, an album, and a movie (1965)--but not necessarily in that order.  This video clip borrows from the beginning of the movie.

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  1. Your library did Awesome with that patron, Cauli! (And with all of the others, too, I'm sure!)


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