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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Getting Different Vibes Here

The universe is just energy vibrating at different speeds.  For some, this seems to trivialize the universe, but I think it actually makes things much more interesting.  There could be an infinite number of different universes vibrating at various rates but occupying the same space.  You could have somebody (or many different vibratory somebodies) standing behind you right now and never be aware of it (or them) through your five ordinary human senses.  (Go ahead; look behind you.  I can wait.)

This possibility fits perfectly with accepted scientific facts.  But humans (and other animals) are restricted in their perceptional powers through five sensory channels.  What if you had more channels to surf, so to speak?  Why stick with basic cable, to push the analogy?  Felines, canines, and most other non-human animals already know how to access additional awarenesses, as the research of Rupert Sheldrake demonstrates.  People, however, are more confined in their consciousness, so it takes considerable work to learn other perceptional mechanisms.  It can be done; in fact, humans have been doing it for millenia.

There are libraries filled with books exploring consciousness expansion from various religious and philosophical viewpoints.  One such work is Genuine Mediumship, or The Invisible Powers, by Swami Bhakta Vishita (Chicago, Ill. : Advanced Thought Publishing Co., 1919).  The author's name was a pseudonym used by William Walker Atkinson (1862-1932), who was born in Baltimore, Maryland and later practiced law in the state bars of Pennsylvania and Illinois.  Following a life-changing crisis, he discovered the New Thought movement in the late 1880s, and in the 1890s he moved to Chicago, which had become the major focal point for New Thought ideas.  He explored many religious and philosophical systems, finding commonality and consensus in their descriptions of a greater reality.  He published extensively under his own name as well as a battery of pseudonyms.

Many of Atkinson's books have been reprinted during the past century or more since their original publications, but it is easiest to find copies in digital archives, such as The Project Gutenberg eBook website.

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P.S.  As his pseudonym above implies, Atkinson was well-versed in Hinduism.  This further suggested as a musical closer "Across the Universe," by the Beatles, which appeared on the LP Let It Be (1970).  If memory serves, John Lennon wrote the song during the group's retreat to Rishikesh, India in 1968 when they studied transcendental meditation.

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