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Cauli Le Chat
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Don't Charge Your Digital Device in There

Today (February 9) is Read in the Bathtub Day.  (I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.)  Just remember a few important safety tips.
  • Don't plug your digital reading device into an electrical outlet to charge the battery while you're using it to read in the bathtub.

  • Don't drop your books printed on paper in the water.  That's particularly true if it's a library book.

  • Don't read anything by Scowl-Face, lest you fall asleep and drown.

  • Don't listen to music by holding your CD player (if you still have one) while sitting or lying down in the tub, assuming that the unit is plugged into a live electrical outlet.

Why did I include the last safety hint?  Thought you'd wonder about that.

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Music Therapy for the Deranged (2010) is one of the Music Man's music CDs.  It is a full-orchestral composition that we have featured in many of the Library's book trailers and videos on the MPL YouTube Channel.  Both the CD and the sheet music are available to check-out in our Evergreen Indiana online catalog (click here for the CD; click here for the sheet music).  If you don't have an Evergreen Indiana library card, you may still listen to this CD for free.  Just click here.

Anyway, I thought this CD cover picture was pretty funny.  You'd have to be a little "tetched in the haid" (to use the hillbilly vernacular) to listen to a CD player that's plugged into an electrical outlet while bathing in a tub.  (I know the plug is hanging in the water in the photo; just go with moi here, okay?)

This is a fantastic CD that you should want to pay good money to own or give as a gift.  Of course, you might just listen to it on the composer's website for free.  It's your call.  Remember, though--all this music is copyright-protected.

The Music Man's Compositions Are Truly the Cat's PJs,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Holiday News Beat

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P.S.  You may also listen (again, for free) to several other of the Music Man's original compositions on his website.  We also have another CD, Through Abstract Eyes (2010), available for free listening on the Library's SoundCloud site.  We hope you enjoy his music.  We certainly do.

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