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Cauli Le Chat
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bagged and Ready

To celebrate Cauli Le Chat Appreciation Day (February 22) this week, the "kitty (kiddy) chow" trail mix is bagged and ready for munching, beginning with Wild Thang's early literacy classes tomorrow morning. I'm guessing that Baby Time will probably pass, as baby people don't get teeth as fast as us felines.  Twos and Threes Time will get some bags, and Story Time (which is ages 4-6 or something like that) will certainly want some, too.  But what is this "kitty (kiddy) chow," anyway?

Actually, the stuff is officially called "puppy chow," but it's a people recipe, as you can see if you click here.  (There are many different recipes out there, which are easy to find if you run a basic Google search.)  This is the recipe that The Lady With the Red Hair used, thanks to Wild Thang's alert email.  T.L.W.T.R.H. made a batch of 35 bags this afternoon (first time ever for this snack), and so we're hoping that it turned out okay.  Scowl-Face helped with the bagging, which is about as much as we could have expected from him.

Here's what the snack looked like, more or less.

As you can see from the photo, it's made from Rice Chex cereal, covered in a chocolate and peanut butter mixture that's coated with confectioner's sugar (i.e., powdered sugar).  Somehow, it all sticks together.  There may be more ingredients, but that's what I saw when I jumped onto the counter (and was promptly mushed off).

Here's hoping Wild Thang's young patrons will enjoy this tasty treat.  We took it over to the Library and left it on your desk chair, Wild Thang.  Not my fault if the chocolate melts on your seat.

We Can Make More If We Need It, Wild Thang,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Early Literacy Snack News Beat

P.S.  My Chef Greg is a helpful cooking video series that I found on YouTube.  In this episode, Greg and his helpers show us how to make one version of "Puppy Chow."

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