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Cauli Le Chat
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yesterday's Musical Closer

Now that minions have uploaded music to my Library's YouTube Channel, I may now add the musical closer to yesterday's October SpookFest posting.

When the Library's composer read an obscure, bizarre bit of Key West (Florida) folklore about a Depression-era x-ray technician obsessed with preserving the corpse of a beloved young woman he could not save but could not lose, he (our composer, not the radiologist) became intrigued about the musical possibilities of such a strange tale of horror and unrequited love.  How could such a weird historical footnote be put to music?  Could the story even be told musically?

So The Music Man exerted his considerable compositional acumen and created Muñecas, three orchestral movements based upon the Von Cosel/Elena de Hoyos macabre tale.  My Library has used them (partially, as each piece is lengthy) as soundtracks for several of our book trailers, promo trailers, and other videos.  The compositions capture Von Cosel's ghastly deeds counterpointed against his genuine, albeit obsessive, desire to save his beloved and honor her memory after bodily death.  The musical elements express the experience far better than I can,  so make with the embedded players, minions.

I should mention that these music files are ginormous, so you probably would want to listen (and watch the meagre video components) if you're accessing the Internet via a T-1 line (or similarly lightning-fast ISP).  Otherwise, you might have to wait awhile for them to load.

Now for the legal boilerplate.

Muñecas and © 2011 by Daniel E. Buckley. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.

October SpookFest Continues,

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