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Cauli Le Chat
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Perfect Halloween Book For Moi

I found the perfect Halloween book for moi on a book display in my Library's Youth Services Department.

Have you spotted it yet?  I'll give you a hint:  Look for my likeness on the cover.

If memory serves, Los gatos is Spanish for boy domestic cats, and Los gatos negros are boy black domestic cats.  It would be Las gatas negras for girl black domestic felines.  At least, that's the way I recollect what little Spanish I used to know back in my days (in a previous life) south of the border.  Ask me about that story sometime.

This book mixes Spanish and English words to tell a scary tale that's just perfect for early grade school children but is probably too intense for preschoolers.  I would have included a book trailer, but (and this will probably shock and dismay you), my library hasn't made one yet!  For shame, Scowl-Face.  What do you do all day back there in the Indiana Roving Reporter Room?  That's a rhetorical question, by the way.

Since I haven't yet read the book, I can't do the readers' advisory thing and give you a review.    Submitted for your perusal:  one children's author's opinion of the book.

Learn About El Día de los Muertos and Halloween (and the differences between these holidays and celebrations) by searching our online Evergreen Indiana catalog.  Type-in  those terms (or others you may think of) into the search line and see what you retrieve.  But don't be scared. You can always visit my Library to check-out the books you find, if you have an E.I. library card, like I do.

"Flat" Cauli III (there are many "flat" Caulis--sounds like a James Thurber book) knows how to use the MPL self-checkout computer.  That puts her one-up on Scowl-Face.

We Need a Book Trailer For Los Gatos Black --  Just Saying,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Children's Readers' Advisory News Beat

P.S.  Cliff Richard sang his hit single "Devil Woman" (1976) on television. Since it's the mid-1970s, that explains the lame graphic effects.  But, hey, it looked cool back then.  The song, which includes lyrics about a cat (actually, a "witch's familiar," or an elemental spirit), appeared on the album I'm Nearly Famous (1976).

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  1. I also have my own Halloween book! Have you ever read Bunnicula by James and Deborah Howe? I look a little like the title character.


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