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Cauli Le Chat
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Friday, October 7, 2011

One Fantabulous Bunny Birthday Bash

This afternoon I visited Morgan County Public Library, along with two trusty minions, to attend Morgan the Library Bunny's big second birthday bash.  As the Lady With the Red Hair observed, Morgan has entered the "terrific twos," and we knew that this would be a party to remember.

I was surprised to learn that cats are generally not allowed into the library, because some people patrons have allergies and asthma, and apparently they react rather badly to feline dander.  Well, I surely wouldn't want anyone to get sick on my account, but I'm a particularly well-groomed kitty, and so dander just doesn't enter into it (you can look at my photo; not a speck of dander on my shiny black fur).  So I slipped in unobserved through a small vent.  We roving reporters won't rest until we have our story!

Meanwhile, minions were sent through the front entrance of MCPL to create a distraction for moi.  They were directed to the Youth Services Department (downstairs), where they found Morgan's birthday party just beginning.  The stairwell was lined with adoring fans hoping to catch a glimpse of Morgan in her special combination office/dining room/snoozing quarters.  Morgan is on-the-job 24/7, so there have to be nice digs available for the library's V.I.B. (Very Important Bunny).

Scowl-Face, who, unfortunately, was in charge of our digital camera, forgot to take some panoramic pictures of Youth Services.  (Eye-roll.)  Good help is so hard to find.  But he did take some decent photos of Morgan, who was pleased with my gift of carrots.  Had I known ahead of time that Morgan's favorite color was purple, I would have had Scowl-Face buy a purple bow.  He got pink.  Well, it's actually a nice color.  Morgan's blog background is pink.  Actually, it might be more of a bubble-gum shade.  Dubble-Bubble, I'd guess.

Ms. Alyssa of MCPL gives Morgan fresh carrots
(a birthday present from moi)
(with birthday card and pink bow)

Shortly afterwards I spoke privately with Morgan, who was thrilled with my present.  I knew fresh carrots would be a great bunny gift!  Am I clever, or what?  Some questions just answer themselves.

Morgan appreciates a good, healthy snack

N'yum, N'yum, N'yum

Ms. Alyssa, who was in charge of the birthday bash, did a fantastic job providing custom-made Morgan bookmarks and delicious cake.  There was a roomful of well-wishers in attendance, and they were having a wonderful time.  Scowl-Face didn't take any photos of the party crowd, however, because he made a dash straight for the cake.

 Ms. Alyssa shows the custom Bunny Bookmark
that Morgan gave as party favors

Love that purple icing!

Morgan signed a great personal photo for moi.  It is sure to be a valuable collector's item.

Everyone had a grand time and immensely enjoyed the festivities.  We would have stayed around for cake, but minions and I had to depart; Boss Lady is a real stickler about press deadlines.  If Scowl-Face had gotten to the cake, there would have been nothing but tears for all the kiddies.

I can only hope that, when my Library has a birthday bash honoring moi, it will be as special and thoughtful as Morgan's.  Just saying, Boss Lady.

Thanks For a Great Time, Morgan, and Happy Second Birthday!

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Birthday News Beat


  1. What a fabulous party for Morgan, with a very appreciated tasty carrot present :)

  2. Thank you again for my present! I'm glad you and your minions stopped by.

    So, when is your birthday? I expect you will also have a grand celebration.


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