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Cauli Le Chat
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

"Flat" Cauli Stars on the Radio

As previously discussed in this fine feature, "Flat" Cauli has been visiting with our Homeschool patrons, and their official reports are beginning to trickle into Broadway Gal's office.  The Sullivan family kindly took my thin, laminated alter ego home for many adventures.  For privacy reasons, we're not going to publish the first names of the family members pictured, but rest assured that they were working hard as my "special correspondents" reporting all the "Flat" Cauli news you need and want to know.  Believe moi, that's a lot.

The Sullivan family filed a "'Flat' Cauli Report" (with photos) for the dates of 10/10/11 through 10/21/11.  "Flat" Cauli visited WCBK (102.3 FM), a radio station in Martinsville, Indiana.  Pictured here is WCBK regular DJ Randall Wayne, along with "Flat" Cauli and our Sullivan special correspondent, who served as guest disk jockeys (DJs) on the radio.  You can tell they're official DJs because they wore headphones and spoke into the microphone.  They talked about home schooling and our favorite Library (no offense, Morgan the Library Bunny and MCPL).

Do you know how utterly cool it is to broadcast on the radio?  I wish I had been there, but, then, that's why we have "Flat" Cauli.  I can't be everywhere all the time.  I only have four paws.

Two Sullivan special correspondents (SSCs) further reported that "Flat" Cauli learned about miniature horseys (I call all horses "horseys," because, well, they're so cute!)  Here's a photo of "Flat" Cauli riding a miniature horsey named Apache, along with my SSCs.  We learned about horsey grooming, feeding, and cleaning (very important to be clean and have nice, clean quarters for snoozing and eating).  As one of my SSCs stated, "We think ["Flat" Cauli] wants a horse of his [sic] own now!"  (I'm a girl, BTW.)  Well, I certainly want a miniature horsey, and I (being the genuine article) rank higher than "Flat" Cauli.  Just saying.

Many thanks to the Sullivans for their fine journalism and excellent photography.  Watch for these special correspondents in a few years, because they will probably have their own radio or television programs.  We need great broadcast journalists like them.

Looking Forward to More "Flat" Cauli Reports,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
"Flat" Cauli News Beat

P.S.  All this talk about "Flat" Cauli reminded me of The Flat Cats, a Chicago-based jazz and blues swing band that perform in a wide variety of venues.  Here is a video of the group appearing live on Chicago's WGN Channel 9 morning show.

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