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Cauli Le Chat
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eerie Pumpkins Sprout Up All Around My Library

Eerie pumpkins have sprouted all around my Library yesterday afternoon.  It happened following Wild Thang's 2s and 3s Time and Story Time sessions.  Coincidence?  I don't think so!

I noticed the first one when I checked the dry erase board across from the Circulation Desk, upon which CircMaster and her staff note the important library happenings for the day.  This cheerful-looking fellow appeared quite harmless, but that's what these ghoul-possessed pumpkins want you to think.  I'm wise to that game, so better watch yourself, Mr. "Happy" Pumpkin.  Try to bite my tail, and you're going down.

This slightly sinister dude was sitting beneath the dry erase board in Youth Services.  Look at those teeth!  Don't be fooled by that vacuous stare, either.  There's some major evilness plotting behind that wide-eyed glare.  (That vacant look reminds me of someone . . .)  Got it!  Scowl-Face. Dead-ringer.  Well, the pumpkin's nose is smaller.  Just saying.

Haunting the Circulation Desk were these two spirited pumpkins. Anime-Manga Gal seemed totally immune to their scariness as she assisted a patron on the telephone while researching the question on one of the Circ PCs.  She's totally tough and would give them both a good thumping if they got out of line.  Aren't you supposed to thump pumpkins anyway to see if they're fresh?  Or do they "get fresh," and then you thump them?  Only if the pumpkins are guys.  That's what Buffalo Gal says.

It sort of looks like Anime-Manga Gal might already have "cleaned the clock" of the pumpkin on the left.  Hey, spooky Pumpkin, you were warned!

This pumpkin pair was guarding the kiddy door to the Children's Program Room.  The one on the right is kinda goofy, but, once again, that's a ploy to lull you into a false sense of security.  The one on the left is a zombie. How can I tell?  You have to know these things when you're a black cat.

At the Youth Services Information Desk, I saw this neat-o mural that Cataloger Queen said was made by one of Broadway Gal's youth patron groups.  I was so dazzled by the graphics that I've forgotten now which group made them.  Sorry about that.  (Oh, I should clear up an ambiguity. We have two Cataloger Queens at my Library.  One is Anime-Manga Gal, and the other is in the photo above, whose "auxiliary Cauli name" will now be цари́ца [I know she can read Russian, so I hope she appreciates my little joke.  I only hope I got the word right.  If not, I can always blame Scowl-Face.  Here was my source for the Russianцари́ца.])

I loved this part of the drawing!  See how they've captured my essential Cauli-ness?  I especially liked the symbolism of a topsy-turvy world.  We felines can do that.  Just ask The Lady With the Red Hair.

I'll continue with some other interesting sights I discovered during my library visit last night.  Meanwhile, I need to find an English-Russian dictionary.  Wikipedia has its limits, you know.

Remember to Punch Scowl-Face, цари́ца, If That Russian Word is Wrong,

Cauli Le Chat
MPL Roving Reporter
Library Pumpkin News Beat

P.S.  Here's a not-quite two minute clip from It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966).  Everybody knows the comic strip Peanuts, by the late Charles M. Schulz.  I just love that piano instrumental soundtrack for this segment.

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  1. Figuratively speaking, ЦАРИЦА is a queen, but literally it means 'wife of the Tsar' (or Czar). The word for queen is КОРОЛЕВА. It'd be easier to write this stuff if I had a Cyrillic keyboard, but, alas, I don't.


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